Bad traders

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  • But how do i know the Hungarian address was correct?

  • pm me I'm Hungarian

  • Not quite as catchy as Kiss me I’m Irish.

  • Gutted to be made a mug of by @jesus_romario
    Sold a mash and to quite his advert and his messages "some scratches but otherwise in fine state" and wheels in "perfect condition" instead getting a frame with two dents one larger one smaller, structural deep scratches (1mm in places) wheels scratched up, carbon saddle cracked in THREE places.
    Owner won't admit to fault or come to reasonable compromise
    Really untrustworthy and would avoid at all costs. Shame I had to learn that through a £1200 purchase. DONT make the same mistake I did

    Only ever had good experiences through lfgss, shame this still happens in this lovely community

  • from the advert, it looks in such good condition!? upload photos of the condition here ?

  • Sad to be thrown under the bus and get called a moron and a lying prick. I did my best to communicate what state the bike was in, shared as many pictures as asked for and sold it for a reasonable price. I am not afraid of our conversation being shared here. Buyer clearly just wanted a reduction in price because he expected a brand new bike instead of a used one, claims 150 pounds would make it all right. Bike is super light, fast and looks great. It only has cosmetic damage. Dent + saddle were not there went I shipped but buyer does not believe me.

  • Dent + saddle were not there went I shipped but buyer does not believe me.

    That's not the buyers problem - It's up to you to take up with the courier.

  • Was the shipping not insured? I would be claiming for the dent and other damage if so.
    If it wasn’t insured and it wasn’t offered to the buyer I would say it falls on the seller. If it was offered and buyer didn’t want insurance then it’s on the buyer.

  • shared as many pictures as asked for

    post them up - at the moment, us armchair detectives have got one shot of it chained to a fence which could have been taken any time.

    Dents can happen in transit, scratches less likely. As others have said, how was the bike insured for shipping?

  • it should be insured, if not, sellers responsibility.
    if you did pack it properly, a dent and a broken saddle would've been avoided (again your responsibility)
    1200 is a lot of money to receive damaged items in a poor packaging.
    If this was the other way around would you be happy with the seller?

  • Here is the lightroom file, took the pictures the day before shipping if you are suggesting they were not fresh

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  • .

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  • And condition it arrived in...
    You can see saddle crack barely in one picture
    But the fact that it was overtightened and broken on BOTH sides is clear that was broken your end... Even this you are denying

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  • To be fair I received a frame dented and it was entirely the shipping companies fault, they chuck those boxes around.
    Good packaging is key but sometimes you get very unlucky.
    Surely this is an easy insurance job and everyone is happy

  • Condition of the bike on arrival

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  • I can not see any of those dents on shipping. You claim you do by zooming in but that's bs. Who says you did not over tighten the saddle mate?

  • Also the way it was packaged before I asked for it to be more secured...coming from Norway

    I don't see how it's possible for the bike to get those dents in transit considering where they are
    Plus the general condition of the item is in slot worse state than was displayed in the pictures...

    Asked for a reasonable reimbursement of a small amount to both cut our losses... £150 which I think is more than fair considering the structural integrity of the bike being compromised etc but the guy has just flat out refused and said I'm in the wrong over the course of like 10 messages

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  • Wasn't insured but we never had that discussion. Don't see how the dents etc count have happened not in transit?

    As for funds were asked to be sent via bank transfer otherwise I would have gone down the route of fair PayPal paying for services

  • Is that how it was packaged?!

  • You forget the mention the good state of literally all the expensive parts that are on this bike and you exaggerate the cosmetic damage because you were clearly disappointed with the state of the bike. There was nothing wrong with the packaging man, I put plenty of soft stuff in between everything,

  • This was my sharing with the buyer that I was packaging it. The buyer asked the secure it with more soft stuff (which I did and was gonna do)

  • You forget the mention the good state of literally all the expensive parts that are on this bike

    errr... apart from the frame, saddle and rims?

    Edit - tbf, the rim doesn't look bad but the other two items do appear to be "not as described".

  • It is difficult to have to defend oneself like this. Any used object shows cosmetic damage and it is not difficult to focus on those and make the entire thing look broken. I clearly stated that the bike had an honest price given that it had to be shipped from norway and that it had some cosmetic damage. I have done nothing wrong and I think 1000 pounds was a fair price but all of a sudden the buyer thinks 850 is fairer. Maybe the import cost was a bit higher than expected?

  • Frame is fucked

  • What the buyer also leaves out is that I clearly never tried to conceal everything and that he didn’t not think it was necessary to accept a video of the bike, which would have communicated it’s state maybe more accurately

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Bad traders

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