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  • @RecoveryRide

    Refunded. I told you I would and TBF for all I know you have the saddle my wife has lost the receipt. You come across as a spoilt brat and I refuse to deal with you again.

  • Also I have sold many things on here with 100% satisfied people. I suppose if you sell for long enough on a forum your bound to come across a problematic buyer or two.

  • For what it's worth, I bought a saddle bag from @bjf recently and they were nothing but helpful and friendly. Would happily buy from them again!

  • Yeah, never existed mate...

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  • And I told you that I stand by my sales and if it didn’t turn up on Monday I’ll refund you. What is your problem?

  • I didn’t loose the number, my wife was trying to find it (and still will be). Mad but we both work full time jobs and have a kid, our life isn’t always as organised as we’d like.

    Fuck it, I’m out of a saddle (fortunately I don’t only have one of these as I use my other on another bike although it’s not in as good condition as the one posted out to you). Unfortunate, but I can deal with this, as I told you via pm. I ignored your messages yesterday because I had told you what I was going to do. The messages where either you moaning again (possibly quite rightly) or you saying you got the saddle. Either way I could deal with it along with the refund on Monday. Don’t like my name being dragged through mud though.

    I’m the “Bad trader” for saying I’ll refund you if it doesn’t turn up and follow through on that.

  • From a non invested perspective.

    1 - It's quite difficult to define something as lost, if you believe you still have it somewhere, ergo need to 'dig it out', even if ultimately you end up unable to find it.

    2- One postage week is well within the bounds of reason to wait for something to arrive from a private sale on a forum, this isn't Amazon.

    3- It seems pretty rough to assume bad faith given that you've been refunded. FWIW I'd have definitely wanted to hang on for a while longer before writing off £160 as a seller.

  • Your life sounds pretty similar to mine.

    I'm not having a public slanging match.

    I'll be sending a PM. Up to you if you want to deal with it that way.

  • @RecoveryRide

    Responded to PM. No hard feelings, possibly we could both have dealt with it better. Might as well leave this up for posterity.

  • escalated / de-escalated quickly


  • Yes, we both could have handled it better. I will state publicly that I probably should have given @bjf until Monday, but got a bit spooked by the lack of a tracking number, which is a result of being ripped off in the past - not his fault. A bit more clarity would have helped matters, but for the record, I've been refunded, which is fair.

  • I’m still peeved that I missed out on the Forma! Glad you got it sorted though.

  • A lot of traffic in this area so hopefully I'll get some advice.

    I've posted an item to Budapest, it was only a freewheel so not a big package but it cost me nearly £12! (Ffs) I'd nit tbought it be anywhere close to that.

    Buyers address was cut and pasted as they sent it to me and.....according to RM tracking, the address wasn't found and is on its way back. That was 3 weeks ago now . Nothing has rocked up at my address so......if it never shows, is it my responsibility to refund the buyer? He says he'll pay post this tine and to resend however I'm not feeling that.

    If i claim with RM then i get my money for the item and then, i could refund? Hmmm

  • I would speak to RM and find out why the address wasn't found and get the ball rolling on a dispute.

    If it's no mistake of the buyer, and I know it sucks, you should probably refund and take it up with RM.

  • Don’t think RM will take responsibility for it once it leaves the country, could be wrong though. And yeah, unless they gave you the wrong address I think all the responsibility is with the seller / whoever posted it

  • I seem to get the mrbrm tags in my feed anyway

    Oh really? That's fun... I should investigate that.

  • @RecoveryRide I finally arrived in-thread, but it seems you both sorted it out.

    I concur with the "this isn't Amazon" and "life gets in the way of things" and so forth, and glad to have read that it's all sorted.

    But given that @bjf is out the cost of a saddle, could you edit your posts to show that he's actually a good trader and fully refunded and there was confusion, etc. Because those who search in the future may only see your initial comment and not the subsequent conversation.

  • Sheesh... sure, I could've edited yours btw, but prefer to have consent and communication.

    So... to everyone who posted in the last day... this is a pretty good outcome with a typical stressed lifestyle and busy people tension creating a storm in a teacup that was handled with grace... could you all please edit your posts to reflect that as all is well and remove the bits that are "negative comments".

  • @Velocio edited as requested, with some posts marked for deletion

  • Thanks, and I've PM'd bjf to ask them to do likewise.

    There's no delete btw... I have a "nuke from orbit button" that deals with spam (deletes everything ever by a user) but otherwise editing to a full stop is the norm.

  • RM can probably start an investigation and get the package send back. I've had a package send with PostNL stuck in Iran for weeks. After starting an enquiry about my package I was contacted by PostNL telling me they would start an investigation together with Iranian postal service. My package was found and returned shortly.

  • Nice, good to know!

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Bad traders

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