Bad traders

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  • My mate works in the anti fraud dept. of a bank and they don't investigate anything under 10k

  • A few years ago I had a case where my client was swindled out of £850k by a fraudster using a fake passport. He reported it to the police, who said that it was a civil matter and that in their view 'no offence had been committed'. Go figure.

  • Maybe we need an 'unsolved mysteries of lfgss thread'

  • which bank?... asking for a fraud, I mean friend

  • Maybe we need an 'unsolved mysteries of lfgss thread'

    The one I mentioned above is not really unsolved. The crooked accountant involved in the scam got done for money-laundering, and the whole thing quickly unravelled. Happily my client got all his money back with interest, albeit not from the fraudster.

  • Anyone got contact deets for @taogeogheganhart ?

    Not replied to my PM in 6 years: poor show IMHO.

    neva4get neva4give

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  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • There's nothing to resolve. I did'nt take the frame back for free and he's still claiming his identity has been used and her never got the frame. Did'nt believe any word he said, since he did'nt bother to answer my questions.

  • So that makes it, @kobe / Pistamercato and Estuardo both guilty of handling stolen goods then?

  • I am fairly late to the party but anyways. Back when the frame was for sale by de5iRe? on Ebay Kleinanzeigen i was very temped to buy it but once I had made up my mind it was gone.
    Few months later the frame shows up on Pistamercato Facebook page how ever now for about 900€ So I messaged him and asked where he got this frame from to what he answered me he bought it from Italy.

  • x

  • .

  • he says proof, etc etc, but nothing is here on the thread
    and I have also got banned from a facebook group for this?
    Makes no sense but yeah biased facebook groups for ya

  • Kobe says he lost his money and the seller got his money back. I thought Kobe got his money back from the original sale, and de5iRe had to fight the shipping company to get compensated by them...?

  • Yeah that's right I think. Kobe didn't lose anything. Theres nothing creditable in what that guys saying though he has been in the scene from day 0 I may blindly trust him.

  • "scene"

  • Is that a nomination for the shit fixie skidders thread?

  • wtf are you doing? thats my job.

  • Kobe got his money back from PayPal. Got proof from DHL half a year later and had to fight with four PayPal employees via mail/phone until the fifth actually showed interest in this case and sent my money back without any further explanation from my site. She was actually the first to read the paper from DHL

  • Thank you very much for this post.
    Finally someone confirmed ,what i already knew in the beginning.

    @Velocio: For my part, I give the OK to swing the hammer on @Kobe

  • Any way of keeping his nonsense in this thread, for posterity?

  • @Velocio just flagging as a potential scammer/nuisance/bot. Messaged me about a wanted advert with the message below (actual email redacted) and since then has gone from 7 posts (all PM) to 24 in about half an hour. Could be they have lots of connections but seems a bit hooky to me.

    “You can contact Kyle in Texas. He posted he has a 99 Spokes 2020 On-One Bootzipper 29er SRAM Apex 1 – 99 Spokes for sale in mint condition. here's his email”

  • "Honesty is a great gift" lol

  • Aye, big red flag that, too. Haha.

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Bad traders

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