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    A frame showed back up for sale I sold in Okt 19.
    The seller is claiming he bought it from Pista Mercato (@Kobe). That’s who I sold it to. Problem is he claimed the frame never arrived and tracking was unclear. He got his money back via PayPal and I had to fight half a year for my money until I got papers from DHL , which confirm that the frame was delivered to Pista Mercato. Ebay listing is claiming he bought it in January/February but I was able to get my money back in March, while Pista Mercato was still claiming he never got the frame. This was a really frustrating attempt to scam me and even with PayPal I had to struggle hardly.

  • That's really shit. Perhaps there's a way to report it as theft?

  • So @Kobe is a scammer? Doesn't appear to post in any other forum other than Classifieds, which is always a red flag for me. Certainly seems he has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Can you screen grab the post/collect evidence before it goes and present to PayPal?

    If someone put me through stress like that I would want to fuck them up however I could.

    Maybe @Velocio could nuke him when you are done?

  • @3c70 @|³|MA3K

    He is living in the Netherlands, while i'm living in Germany. I don't think it would help much to report it as theft or report it to PayPal, since i would need the seller of the eBay listing as witness. PayPal even made my life hard, since the first 3 employees could'nt/would'nt help me , but on 4th try I did'nt have to say anything on phone as she read the paper provided by DHL, which clearly said the package was delivered on 22.10.19. She just told me i would get my money back in a few seconds.

    I don't think this is worth reporting anywhere, then to people that could get in touch with him. Just posted this here and told people I know , who are following him on IG.

  • Have steered clear of him ever since he started using the forum as free ads for pony overpriced track frames...

    and this too -

    Doesn't appear to post in any other forum other than Classifieds, which is always a red flag for me. Certainly seems he has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Hello Oliver?

    First i wanted to say that i am just as surprised as your are.
    I have made a attempt to buy the Faggin pursuit frame from in dec 2019.
    You made shipment with DHL and after a week i send you a message to ask about the tracking info.
    This didnt went well
    and the parcel never got deliverd .
    We agreed on a research by DHL and i had all the patience.

    After almost 2 months i opened a claim with paypal and afterwards this turned out in my favour.
    And immediatly i said if the frame gets deliverd i will send you back your 282,- Euro.

    Now we are almost a year further and the frame showed up on ebay
    and as i said before i am also very suprised..
    I cannot sell a frame i never had in my hands.

    I am sorry if DHL tells you it got deliverd when it was not deliverd.
    And it would also not make any sense to scam any person for any amount of money with the reputation i build up.

    Its also very sad to see that this "new Owner" uses my name to sell your frame
    But i guess the bigger the three the more wind it cathches.

    I dont know how you adressed the box to me
    The only thing i can think of is that you wrote PistaMercato on the box and my adress ?
    Anyway it doesnt matter now

    Now i understand you made this post
    And i contacted the person who has the frame on ebay
    I bought the frame .
    And i will send it back to you

    But i rather come to Germany and bring you the frame by hand ( if corona Covid will alow to travel abroad )

    I am very sorry for this situation
    And i as said late december 2019 , if the frame showes up at my place i will send it back to you.

    And after you get the frame back you can decide yoursellf what you want to do with that.

    I will start a investigation on my side afterwards to try and understand what happend with the parcel.
    But atm i find it very important that you get your frame back Oliver.

    I just want to make clear that i never had the frame nor did sold it to somebody else

    I will send you a message to ask your info and phone number so we finish this.

    Sincerely Kobe

  • And i contacted the person who has the frame on ebay
    I bought the frame .
    And i will send it back to you

    Well thats a suprisngly nice turn of events, hopefully it turns out to be true

  • Hey Kobe,

    You bought the frame on 30th September 2019 and paypal send you your money back on 2nd December 2019. I got papers from DHL in March, which say the frame was delivired on 22th October 2019. A year later the frame shows up and it can't be an coincedence he was naming you in his listing. And now you're buying the frame, without even considering asking, where he got the frame from ? Sorry mate, but this is rather weird and it is hard to believe at this point.

    But I'm happy for you, you finally got your hands on the frame and feel free to do , whatever you want to do with it. Im happy with the money I got for it, half a year later :)

    Btw the Parcel was adressed with PistaMercato / Ken B*******, as given on paypal.

  • ironic mode on

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  • Hey man
    I understand that this looks weird

    But what can i do if DHL tells you that i have recieved the frame
    when i didnt even recieve the frame or sign for it
    I am sorry but i cannot put my word out against DHL.

    I did spoke with the seller and i thought the best way for me to get you the frame back is by buying it and then send it back to you.
    And afterwards i will deal with the new investigation as far as it is possible.
    I just wanted to make sure you have your frameset back
    And i feel bad for the whole situation and i thought this was the best solution.

    Once again i feel really bad that DHL is telling you that the frame got deliverd.
    I am not a scammer nor a thief and i am also not stupid.
    It makes no sense to make something like this and destroy what i have build up so far.
    And to show my good faith, yes i bought the frame and want to send you the frameset.

  • Did you ask the Ebay seller who he got it from if it wasn't you?

  • Did you ask the Ebay seller who he got it from if it wasn't you?

  • Very much this.

  • Absolute bollocks you complete scumbag, you want this to go away as you've been caught commiting fraud.

  • The bigger the three

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  • So Kobe bought the frame then got a refund on the grounds it wasn’t received.

    De5iRe got their money back on the grounds it was.

    The frame is then spotted up for sale and Kobe paid out for it with the intention of...? Returning it De5iRe with no further exchange of money?

    Maybe dealing with cunts on eBay (etc) has made me cynical but that sounds like 100% bull shit.

  • The frame was unsold or pulled from ebay which I find suspicious. Also searching Kobe/pista whatever pulls up some dodgy ebay business on the pedal room forums..

  • @Velocio @hippy ban hammer without nuking posts possible?

  • Wow this thread is providing the saucy goods!

  • ban hammer without nuking posts possible?

    This is possible.

    @de5iRe if you want this it will be done.

  • @Velocio thanks !

    Im considering to give my ok on this one, but I’m giving him the chance to give me more answers on how the seller got the hands on his frame 🙃

  • Screenshot of the communications with the latest eBay seller should do it

  • So here are the screenshots of the convo with the seller. He didn’t answer after I told him , Kobe Tried to scam me on this. Before he still claimed he got this frame from Kobe .

    I really don’t know why he should have a reason to lie. Still going to give Kobe a chance , because from what I can tell he is living from reselling. So I at least want to give him a second chance to explain himself

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  • Yeah this guy is either extremely generous or a terrible liar i don't think there's anything inbetween on this one 🤔

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Bad traders

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