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  • Usually a reminder or "no stress, just haven't received yet" is sufficient - often I feel an unwritten caveat as often cheap prices on here is that people posting stuff do so somewhat more at their convenience. Obviously completely taking the piss is no good - I purchased something and the guy said he'd send 3 days later and I hadn't heard anything for 10 days so a polite email with no response, then another a week later and another a week later (at this point I was thinking PayPal dispute though didn't communicate it in my msg). Anyway just over a month later bits turned up with extras and genuine apologies - all fine and glad I didn't get shitty! If it'd been much longer, after three well spaced polite messages, I'd have just started a PayPal dispute without notifying them I think.

  • yep, I always try to keep things amicable for as long as possible when stuff like this happens. Usually you still want to end up with the thing you’re buying and it tends to be the best way for that to eventually happen.

  • Some advice would be very appreciated.

    On 22nd Nov (i.e. almost a month ago) I transferred £105 to one seller on here via PayPal, family and friends for bike bits + postage. They have a long history on this forum and initially replied to my updates in messages e.g. when I told him I'd transferred the money and gave my address, he replied saying he'd send either Monday or Tuesday (so 25th or 26th Nov). Since then nothing and the bits have never arrived. I've messaged 3 times: 2 1/2 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago, 1 week ago and also emailed twice over a similar span of time (from 2 different accounts so unlikely my emails went to spam both times) using the PayPay email I transferred the money through. I was always polite as it's possible this is a case of things genuinely going missing, it's just annoying I can't get in touch to even get a tracking number and now holiday time has come around and I can't ride the bike I hoped to build so that grates a little too. So, what to do now? Is it legit at this point to name him in the hope that someone on here knows him personally and can give him a nudge? Thanks, this is the first time this has happened so appreciate advice.

  • family and friends

    This is one short coming, unless you are pretty friendly, in real life, never send F+F

    I think as you have made multiple attempts to contact, its worth naming the person to seek the next stage.

  • Is it legit at this point to name him in the hope that someone on here knows him personally and can give him a nudge?

    Yeah probably. Have they been on the forum since they last contacted you? You can see in their profile.

  • If he promised to send with a tracking number he should have given it to you, so he can prove he sent it, and you make enquiries if the package got misplaced.
    Selling is hard. One can get sloppy and forget to keep the tracking number safe, lose the paper, but a good reputation on the forum comes at this price. In my opinion he has no choice but to refund.

  • Selling is hard.

    Not really though.

  • agreed, pay g+s, post with tracking, job done.

  • Ok, thanks all. He didn't promise to send tracked - I wanted to see if had, so that we could see where the stuff had got to from there (or at least proof of postage). My frustration is with the lack of communication as much as anything. His profile says he was online in December so after the last time he messaged. At that point he marked the sales thread as all sold and then locked it.

    Because I'm still hoping this is just crap communication/illness/something came up, I'll give it till Sunday and then name him here in the hope that someone knows him in real life and can give him a reminder. Thanks all for the pointers.

  • Yes. I should have done that, especially for £105.

  • really, not really. but tell that to the hopefuls wanting to shift their hi-mods for 3k :)

  • They may have been on here for a long time, but only to sell there stuff looking at their comments, which is a bit of a warning sign for me.­90/#comment14996614

  • Nominative determinism in action there

  • If @blacklisted gets this (or anyone knows him outside of the forum), please get in touch. Thanks.

  • Same here waiting on a Zipp wheel I brought off @blacklisted over a month ago now and heard nothing from him since!

  • Sorry to hear this @CaptRollerPig - I've sent you a message.

  • @Aroogah
    I suppose when you are getting something for free you shouldn't complain. But then again, nor should you expect the package to be addressed to Mr Shithead. Or for that package to be wrapped in pages from a vintage copy of Readers' Wives, the whole giving off the enticing scent of an alcoholic's urine.

  • Did this seriously happen? If so that is the most admirably heroic act of trolling that if ever heard of....... Brings tears of joy to my eyes!

  • Of course it did. I forgot to mention that the postman rang my bell, threw the package in my face and then laughed. Aroogah had clearly paid him to do so.

  • Talking to the seller now so editing this as promised.

  • Right now the post service is all over the place

  • Don’t know your situation so I might be completely wrong but most items I’ve been getting via eBay take 8-12 days because of the pandemic. So hopefully your pedals arrive soon!

  • So he's sent it? There may be questions around what's fair and then "did you pay PayPal goods and services?" etc etc but it's not immediately obvious what they've done wrong - apart perhaps from been a bit slack. The parcel/item if it has a QR code or ##-### ### number - I think all do, even most basic untracked etc can, if you have that number be traced at each point ie post office, sorting centre, delivery.

  • Sent something 1st class which took 8 days recently and someone in Sweden on here still waiting on something I sent nearly 3 weeks ago - obviously I've chased up and communicated

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Bad traders

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