Bad traders

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  • Guys, really?

    You tell a buyer that something works fine, it turns out it is not fine, and you are like 'fuck you!' when they ask you to put it right?

    I get 'buyer beware' but there is also being descent and admitting that inadvertently you might have sold someone a pup.

  • Yes but "brakes squealing" is a bit different to, for example, "frame cracked".

  • I thought the main issue was the fork ?

  • I thought the main issue was the fork ?

    After nearly a month of "lots" of use

  • Yes totally agree and not to be misunderstood I find @edmundro concerns and action to be reasonable,

  • After a month of daily use

    This is new information to me

  • Yep, remembered incorrectly. But "they’ve used the bike lots"

  • It’s important to be accurate

    It’s a mountain bike. Not going to be used every day. You are bloody lucky if you can do.

  • No need to name, I didn’t sell a lemon, I put well under 200mi on that bike. For all I know they could have spent the last month hucking black runs in the alps on it.
    Again, they test rode it, we shook hands. Where I’m from shaking hands has meaning. End of.

  • The screaming brakes; why would you complain about something you knew before you bought it? If you don't like a bike with screaming brakes, don't buy it. Simple.

    The fork has gone soft after a month of lots of use, so that's now his problem. There is no warranty on second hand items. As a buyer you have to do your due diligence and ask questions, inspect the item, etc. Would he have come to you a day after he bought the bike to complain about the fork, I'd say it's probably a different story.

    You didn't lie about the bike's condition or omitted any hidden problems, right? So you didn't do anything wrong and therefor cannot be blamed.

    Of course this is your side of the story, he has his (which we haven't heard, so far).

  • Very well put.

  • Beware of @Eeyorecore

    Bought a sinwave beacon off him via PayPal and not heard anything back since. It’s been about a month now. He’s from the states and claims he can get heavily discounted goods but fear it’s a scam. @Velocio

    I will request a refund via PayPal and feedback. First bad experience buying on this forum.


  • @Thrasher drop @urbs a PM

  • Hey @Thrasher,

    Same thing happened to me. The beacon did come through in the end, but shipping took a long time and I ended up having to pay extra customs charges (which @eyeorecore paid half of). Wasn't entirely satisfactory, but at least it wasn't a scam.

  • Ok thanks. Did the light work??

  • Actually, I haven't had a chance to set it up yet... I should probably check that ....

  • Morning,
    I don’t know how to proceed so asking for help here:
    I’ve bought a fork from a forum member 9 days ago (paypal) and he told me he send it. I asked him 3 days ago because he didn’t give me a tracking number or anything and the fork hasn’t arrived. He told me he would check it but since then haven’t heard of him and I pm twice after that....
    What should I do?

  • Have you tried emailing his PayPal email? And did you pay friends and family or full legit?

  • Haven’t tried the email it’s his wife account (at least what he told me)
    Payed full legit

  • Forgot to hit reply sorry

  • Might be worth email that address and let them know that if you don't hear any response - and you'd like to have a tracking no. or at least some proof of postage - you're going to commence a claim via PayPal?

  • Just did that let’s see if he replies...

  • He did reply
    thanks for your help!

  • Ah great! Hope you get a good outcome.

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Bad traders

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