Bad traders

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  • This happened to me ages ago. Member had a ton of posts and positive sales. A year or so later they replied, turns out they'd been through some heavy stuff - so there are occasionally legitimate reasons for a no post.

  • Hence me hanging fire and giving benefit of doubt - also if they've had my money, no amount of shaming will make a difference; I'm not sure it'd be worth ruining/impacting forum sellz rep for the sake of nicking less than £50. I'll send another msg or two and give it until the end of month I think in the hope that they've just got other stuff on and a memory like a goldfish (they can even just refund me without even messaging or offering excuse/apologies).
    Perhaps a 'slack sellers' thread to give people a kick up the arse before confirmation they've really taken the poss or done you over would be useful?

  • Ha, I've done it many times. You're not to blame!

  • What do I do if the frame I bought off here arrives with headtube crack?

  • Oops. Wrong place

  • What do I do if the frame I bought off here arrives with headtube crack?

    Let the seller know, and, presuming it's transit damage, get them to refund you then they claim on their courier's insurance.

    No courier's insurance? They refund you, they lose out. Won't refund you? PayPal claim.

    If it's not transit damage and they are trying to stiff you, PayPal claim.

    You did pay with PayPal right....? Not PayPal gift right...?

  • I've paid with PayPal as payment for item or service. The package was insured for the full price I've paid of the frame.

    Thanks, I follow your tips.

    EDIT: I see that user who has sold it to me isn't active since our last conversation.

  • Here is a picture if anybody would be interested. For me it looks like the headset cup was too big or installed wrongly, carbon forks are stuck into the headset.

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  • or installed wrongly

    I once installed a headset cup by whacking it with a big adjustable wrench. Headtube cracked just like that one :/

  • There goes my Principia Twins dream to trash.

    I've messaged the seller in all possible ways. PMed him here, mailed him on his PayPal email.

    Do I have to fill PayPal claim in any deadline from the day of the payment/receiving the parcel etc.?

  • Not saying your seller also hit this frame with a big wrench btw.

    Is it definitely a crack?

  • 180 calendar days from date of sale.

  • I'm not sure if I should remove the headset to have a look, it might give a chance for any of the sides to claim that the crack is my fault. Running over it with a nail from left to right you can feel a scratch, doing it the other way feels smooth so I presume it's a crack and not a paint scratch.

    Thanks for your answers, I couldn't really figure it out of PayPal's manuals.

  • That's rather generous compared to eBay's 28 days!

  • But your 180 days with PayPal applies to eBay purchases too (provided paid with PayPal)

  • Thought it was limited to 28 days, learn something new everyday!

  • I thought ebay's policy was 30 days from the date of estimated delivery anyway

  • I got in touch with the seller, it's a shame I had to post in here because somebody might connect the dots and it would put a user in a bad light.

    I have removed headset at the bike shop, unfortunately, it's a crack, not a scratch. It's a shame as it's crazy light and beautiful frame. It took a good half an hour to figure out how to take pictures to make the crack visible from the top. Finally, I had to reach for such sophisticated technology as taking a picture with a phone via analog camera lens.

    EDIT: I feel like I should update all the information about this case here so it won't cause any bad reputation for the seller. We just exchanged mails and I was promised full refund. Any tips how to help with potential insurance claim for the seller?

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  • I didn’t want to have to post this but enough time has elapsed now to say that something has gone wrong with my purchase from xx

    After I posted in a wanted thread about a sinewave light xx offered me one in a PM. We agreed a price of £160 including shipping. I paid (23 days ago now), xx said it would go out the next day and then… silence. I’ve received nothing and not heard from xx despite sending him multiple messages. If anyone knows xx then please get in contact with him for me.

    Hopefully he’s just away or busy or something and he will be jolted by this to into posting an explanation on here.

    EDIT: all worked out poster name removed

  • Just to update the above. What is the verdict on customs charges when you buy something but the seller doesn't declare it is coming from abroad?

    Still not heard anything from xx, but at least something finally arrived. I assume it is the sinewave but I haven't received it yet as there is a large customs fee to pay to get it. It transpires it has come from the states, which I was not informed of in discussing the purchase. Is it my fault for not asking (I.e. should I just swallow the charge)? Or is that bad darts on the sellers end?

    EDIT: all worked out, poster name removed

  • That's bad on 3 levels. 1 they didn't inform you where it was coming from and how long it would take, 2 they ghosted you after sending it, 3 they didn't apologies for the other two fuckups and agree to cover the customs charge. I would not be happy about it personally

  • I was definitely unhappy about 1 and 2, but I should add that they haven't responded about 3 (or at all) yet, so I hold out hope they have just missed this whole thing... although not much hope...

  • Just open a case with PayPal, you should be able to recoup the customs charge

  • Yeah I'd definitely say that's poor show on seller's behalf to not make you aware where it was coming from.

    With him still being uncommunicative you've actually got no confirmation that's what it is. There's no chance I'd be paying any customs fee, never mind a large one, just to find out what a parcel is.

    Did you pay using paypal goods and services? I'd get a case opened and escalated asap if so.

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Bad traders

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