Bad traders

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  • Yes, I have sold a house and bought one. When I was selling mine, I had a viewer who came round and reminded me that I shouldn't pull out of a deal by accepting other offers. He subsequently made an offer and pulled the plug on me at the last minute which halted the whole chain. He bought another house instead.

  • @fizzy.bleach yeah maybe I should have said that. It would save the dissapointment for the @Julian_Stock.
    I've sold to person I know well, I have communicated to Julian asap that they have sold, apologies and as he was very upset I offered to borrow stock wheels to keep him rolling in case of being left without hoops.
    We provisionally agree to meet but I couldn't be sure if he will buy in the end as had before countless situations of forum members pulling out ( never complain as that's their right).
    Choice of selling them to mate was natural and I'm sure most ppl would sell to person they know if they wanted to buy.
    No right or wrong person in this situation...

  • What were you waiting to 'confirm' with the seller?

  • God this is boring.

  • I arranged with someone on here to sell a pair of wheels yesterday (Monday lunchtime) to fund the purchase of the wheels in question. I didn't want to make a promise I couldn't keep to my seller so I said I would confirm in the evening (last night) that the trade had gone through and the funds were available and ready for today's purchase. In the meantime, the wheels were sold so I now don't have any.

    The rest is history.

  • Until you had confirmed he could sell to who he likes.

  • And if your wheels hadn't sold he'd be stuck with a pair of wheels that he might have needed to sell to fund new wheels as he was racing this weekend?


  • Until you had confirmed he could sell to who he likes.

    Dunno, sounds like some kind of agreement to sell was made.

    Unless there was no verbal agreement at all to sell on the conditions above, or the seller states something like if you do not get the money to me by date I will sell to the next in line, then they do this at the risk of appearing to have broken a deal.

    Yeah of course, the seller can always sell to someone else. But if a communication has stated or implied that a deal has been made, it's a risky move to then sell to someone else without first warning the buyer. But I can see why a seller might do that. Risk of non sale might be greater than risk of appearing, at worse, to be a bad trader.

    tl;dr sellers need to be crystal clear on the conditions of a sale if it's not immediate, buyers need be weary if those conditions aren't made to them.

    How's that for some kind of fence sitting.

    PS are the lightweight wheels still available?

  • I've bought from @Dawid_Owl before and absolutely no issues at fact he even met me to drop off the saddle while I was out at a pub...what more can I say

  • Gli ruote lightweight?

  • No, he'd had other interest on this forum. The wheels would have sold anyway.

  • Can you confirm that?

  • But did you confirm the night before like you said?

  • what ? there is no greater risk on lfgss than to appear on bad traders

  • No. I had every intention to but he'd already sold the wheels before I'd had the chance.

  • Yes, it's on his original posting to sell the wheels. He's ignored the two other prospective buyers as well.

  • Wow. This is still going huh.

  • 25 days ago I msgd someone re: buying something they'd listed, offering the price they listed at. The next day, buyer responds positively and I immediately send payment which is confirmed with "I'll post (a couple days later) Monday"
    A week goes buy and no items/contact so I PM a "no, issue, just a reminder if slipped your mind, still haven't received bits" - further 6 days until reply and very polite apologies with mitigation of xyz busy busy busy (again completely fine with me) and "I'll post this afternoon." I reply with "Thanks, no problem at all". Still nothing over a week later so three days ago I send "wanna just refund if easier?" and no response as yet. Historically active forum user and posted as frequently as 5 days ago. At what point do I post on this thread - think I'll try another PM and possibly reply (with subtle undertones of, ahem, the bits I've still not received) on the thread he last posted in before trying to get a response posting on here. Seem fair?

    tl;dr - how long and many messages before I call someone out on this thread in a desperate attempt to get a response?

  • You were wrong to send money, should have made a gentleman's agreement.

    (Sorry @Julian_Stock, couldn't resist. :) )

  • Julian, you seem like a good honest guy with the right intentions. It's never a nice feeling to miss out on a pre-negotiated buy, but who can blame the seller for accepting an easy, spontaneous transaction?

    You may have keenly proposed a meeting place, but you had simultaneously relayed the fact that you did not have sufficient funds to pay for said wheels. Alarm bells would be ringing in my head by this point.

    Sellers using forums/online marketplaces are continually barraged with a total shitstorm of flakes, story tellers and dropouts. It can be a harrowing ordeal. I am personally scarred. Our very own @Dazaa had a laugh at my ongoing frustrations as a seller the other day. "You'll need thicker skin than that".

    There are timewasters among us all, and on every street. Why do they exist? It would make for a fascinating and enriching analytical study. Please send me a PM if anyone wants to collaborate on a TED talk with me on this topic.

    The best deals are short, snappy and never dragged out. It's the lengthening time spent that just opens it up to the possibility of messiness. And the city moves fast. A deposit is a great way of proving you are deadly serious about buying something.

    Who knows what financial pressures the seller is under? Or space requirements? Sellers need cradling and looking after in order to affirm their confidence that the buyer will be the shining beacon of promise to beam its light through the dark, circling clouds of delusory and nugatory sales which plague our day-to-day with such pillaging vigour.

  • You're a gentleman to ask.

    24 days is long enough. Call them out + PayPal dispute.

    That's over three weeks to get an item to the Post Office. Ludicrous.

  • Unless they've been imprisoned or are in a coma, lack of communication and failing to post after that ammout of time isn't great. You didn't PayPal gift did you?

  • Surely only someone who was too trusting at the fact the seller had been a forum member for 7 years with 1K+ posts and a decent amount of trading and marking items as sold etc would send PayPal gift!!

  • Lol. I'd do the same, don't worry.

    I'd give one last ultimatum and if no response, name and shame. They could have something going on in life, you just don't know. But an ultimatum is an ultimatum...

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Bad traders

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