Bad traders

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  • I think this is about principle not value.

  • It was a joke.

    I understand you're pissed off but for your own sake you need to move on.

  • He can’t move, he has no wheels!

  • And this is wheelie wheelie bad.

  • This is all about Mavic tolerances so count yourself lucky.

  • And I have vague memories that david 🦉 is a hardboiled egg seller with a heart.

  • I sympathise with @Julian_Stock .
    As a seller, it is mildly irritating when a prospective buyer asks something like "can you wait 'til payday?", but if you choose to make an agreement, you should stick to it within a reasonable timeframe, as an honourable person.
    This reads like a case of one prolific (in relative and recent terms) forum user being backed up by other prolific users, irrespective of the wrong that has been committed.

  • Someone decided to sell a thing to a person they knew irl and not to someone random from the internet? What a monster, bring back public shaming.

  • People are jealous that someone on here actually knows real people irl

  • You said it yourself though, it's"mildly irritating" but also pretty much par for the course when selling anything online. In my experience if people want stuff they either pay or come collect immediately to make sure they get it. If people give me a vague or non-definite response I don't expect much from them; if Julian's own wheel sale fell through would it be a point of honour for him to complete the sale at any cost? Or would he have just said sorry and left the seller to find someone else?

    It's shit to a point, but human nature is what it is-making everything about a point of honour or prolific forum users backing up their own just seems to be making more out of it than it needs to be...

  • Remember when people would buy Russian Olympic Gold winning track fixies that jimmy saville may or may not at some point have sat on but there's no proof and they payed by paypal gift via western union bank transfer for the frame to be shipped from Rwanda but it never turned up and they came on here a bit sad?
    Good times

  • I'm sorry but you should have offered to put down a deposit to secure the sale - I always do this or request this when selling. a lot of timewasters on here means dibs means very little

  • It was the best of times, the worst of times

  • i think if the seller said it was OK, but then changed their mind without telling the potential buyer thats a dick move. They can change their mind, their's no contract yadayada but isn't the community aspect just giving someone a heads up first?

  • I set out the situation quite clearly and told by text message that I
    would confirm with you tonight (Monday 10 June). You messaged me this
    morning (Monday 10 June) to tell me that you'd already sold them.

    It also sounds clear that you hadn't confirmed you'd be buying the wheels, so why wouldn't he sell to someone else?

  • Exactly this.

    If someone asks me to wait til payday I always ask them to pay a deposit. Most of the time they don’t bother replying after being asked.

  • i don't see how we can be all 'mates rates' and 'community minded' but also say 'cash is king' and 'dibs mean nothing'.
    if thats the sort of sale your after, don't agree to hold them for someone without having the courtesy to let them know you've changed your mind.

  • Yeah but how many people are on here now and how many have you traded with before?

    Some folk I will happily pay gift or give dibs because I 'know' from post count or rep they're good for it or I've traded with them before. That's the community aspect.

    If someone I don't know much about-which these days could still have 10k plus posts-says "I want to buy this after I sell X or in X weeks" I'd say get back to me when you have the cash and hopefully it's still for sale. I suppose in this case the seller has a local offer and suited himself because it was guaranteed and there's less cocking about. Again, he could have equally been left disappointed if he hadn't. Sounds like he told Julian they were sold directly.

    Maybe I'm a #cuntseller or incredibly dishonourable for not being surprised at or thinking it's particularly deplorable but nobody is going to die from the disappointment I hope.

  • yep, i agree and am choosy with who i buy from and sell too, and i may be more 'cash is king' with people i haven't encountered before.
    But this sounds like a half and half (i might be reading it incorrectly), and the seller made and agreed arrangements with the buyer, then flaked out halfway through. Its totally his right to flake out - cash is king right - but if he'd agreed to this (rather long-winded) transaction then that's still flaking out, surely? If he didn't agree, then fine.

  • i'm really putting off doing any work today.

  • the times you can't ignore - sprung to mind, had to leave it here :)­wmY

  • Thanks all for your comments.

    The principle here is honouring your word. I stated to him that I would confirm in the evening (last night) that the money was available. He was fine that. This wasn't a 'wait until payday' situation. It was a few hours at best. He'd also agreed to meet me today at a specified location. All he had to do was wait a few hours. If he wasn't happy with waiting for my confirmation, he should have said something. If my wheel sale hadn't have happened, there were two other people who were waiting to buy them.

    I have traded on this forum many times and 99% of the time, people have been reliable. They have met me at the agreed location and the trade has gone through without issue. I stuck to my word at every point here and my communication was clear. Unfortunately, the seller didn't keep to his word.

  • IMO, if Julian said "I'll confirm tonight" – and it sounds like there was some kind of agreement in place with a time and place of meeting – the least David could have done was say "OK, but I reserve the right to sell these to a guy at work who's interested."

  • Julian have you ever tried to buy or sell a house? If you think this is bad, then you'll fucking despair.

  • I've found trading shiz on here really good preparation for that shit.

    But yeah. Fuck that.

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Bad traders

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