Bad traders

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  • Isn't it advertising elsewhere is against the rules?

  • Well he must have advertised to them that he was selling them......unless telepathy

  • ... or unless colleague also on here?

  • Didn't sound like it but possible

  • Dawid_Owl has broken forum rules, anyway, because his username isn't Dawid_a_Owl.

  • This is more about respect between fellow forumites and honouring what you'd agreed.

    Perhaps I'm just old fashioned.

  • I partly agree, why aren't you taking up the offer of the wheels?

  • Its all in the detail of the as yet still private conversations between the two of you. As others have said - Dibs alone can just be annoying when your trying to sell something.

    My take - if you're buying carbon wheels for racing but don't have the cash flow to buy one set before off-loading your current ones you probably shouldn't be racing on carbon wheels.

  • Race what you can replace
    Or something

  • Mate at work if that matter

  • Whether I'm racing or not is not relevant to this issue. It's about keeping to what you agreed and being a reliable trader.

    Today, I met someone who had previously agreed to buy my wheels. We agreed a time and a place. He was there on time and the transaction was carried out. If I hadn't have turned up, I would fully deserve to take my place on this part of the forum.

    At the end of the day, this is about common decency and treating people as you would expect to be treated yourself ... which certainly hasn't occurred in this instance.

    Probably best to move on now.

  • Irrelevant, but do you mind me asking what you're racing in?

  • You haven't truly suffered until you've tried to tried to buy wheels from Archibald

    AKA @amey

  • Just local league stuff.

  • I'm sorry but dibs mean absolutely nothing. Seller has no obligation to sell to anyone just because they've expressed interest. If money hasn't changed hands then there's no deal yet.

    Yeabut, dibsing, following up with a PM to discuss payment and timescales and agreeing them is an agreement, and both seller or buyer could be rightfully pulled up for being a dick if you renege on the agreement.

    (not entirely sure this is what happened here, the best bet for the seller in the situation where payment will be funded by the selling of something else, is to specify a timescale for when the money must be with them, or they go to the next buyer etc.)

  • Tbh after many flakey episodes on here and elsewhere a deal is only a deal when the money changes hands.

    Frustrations, yes but I'm generally ok if people at least let me know promptly about a change of heart/circumstances and it's definitely occurred when I've been offered a local sale and taken it up over potential but as yet unconfirmed postage because of the additional risk/hassle that represents.

    End of the day, we're none of us Walmart...

  • Ah memory lane. Balki, Platini calling people smug and self satisfied....

    I'd still rather ride a Walmart than a f*ffa mind.

  • Selling something to buy something else is always risky and as a seller it puts you in a position of not knowing if or when it will actually happen. Dibs is nice and all but until you put cash in hand nothing is certain, especially if the seller knows you don't actually have the cash at the time.

  • For sale, one set of carbon clinchers CHAIN FREE

  • All the seller needs to do is put a hard stop on the date by which the money is in their hands.

  • I agree but I said to him that I would confirm this evening which I would have. He agreed.

    Everything was ready to go. I just feel let down by someone who knew I wanted the wheels and wouldn’t wait for what amounted to about 3 hours.

    The fact they were sold to someone at his work might even suggest the sale was premeditated and that selling to me was never going to happen.

  • Dunno. Guy at work randomly told me he is selling his car the other day-from having absolutely no desire to own a car I'm suddenly thinking about it just because of circumstance...

    Not excusing anything to do with your situation of course-I just mean that sometimes these things pop up.

  • All that kerfuffle for a £265 pair of Mavic. I was hoping for a "I need to sell my Enves to buy some Obermayers".

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Bad traders

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