Bad traders

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  • trimmed to a curve

    On second thoughts as that was reported by the buyer, maybe immaterial. Whatever.

    I would hope that sellers on this forum would do the right thing, and that doesn't to have happened on this occasion.

  • I don't think the seller was under any obligation to do so.

    There’s an obligation.

    It might be a moral one rather than a legal one but given that this is a cycling community which happens to have a classifieds section and not eBay, then I’d say morals > laws.

  • Totally agree.

    The obligation is don’t be a dick.

    Regardless whether seller was aware, just go yeah that’s no good and refund it.

  • So, no sorry no refund (ok he was able to sell to someone else).

    @Kluens you are not well educated

  • Everyone’s in agreement, we can all not buy his stuff next time, can we move on now?

  • On a serious note, all the Restrap frame bags have excessive amounts of excess strap, with little rubber bands you can tuck excess under if you don’t want to commit to the snip....

  • The good old ‘internet put down’, my MA disagrees with you.

  • MA in dick selling?

  • Hah! Definitely sounds like something pimp related.

  • @Dick is an expert in dickpreciation

  • my MA disagrees with you.

    Your Ma? Who gives a fuck what your mummy thinks.

  • Don't worry that everyone thinks you're a prick, you got to keep the buyer's money which I imagine must be very satisfying for you. The very best of luck to you in future buying and please!

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Bad traders

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio