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  • @amey once sold me an Ultegra cassette which I immediately ruined by leaving in neat degreaser for a week. No refund offered. I would have though that a premium shopping experience would demand a higher level of customer service, TBF. ONE STAR.

  • Thanks for the clearing that up.

  • @matteroftaste i paid for spinergy wheel in 12.2018 and still didn't get my wheel. Seller don't answer my questions. Paypal will get my money :)

  • also came here to see if there was something posted about @matteroftaste - paid for a thomson seat clamp in december. no reply, no clamp. his last comment was posted 2 months ago...

  • How did you pay?

  • paypal goods/services of course.. tried getting in touch via pm and i did not want to call him out here originally, just came to see if he was mentioned by someone else. paypal case is open now, so if he doesn't reply for a while, i'm going to escalate it

  • Hello
    Dont know where find help here
    I’ve bought a frame last week here!
    But seller (@Komet ), don’t give news since 3 days!

    Need help, thanks !

  • With western union !
    Man is in Poland :/

  • @Velocio: @Komet 's page shows 38 comments but only a handful are visible. Does this signify a name change?

  • Comment count includes PMs.

  • Seller just joined the forum and you've been here for quite long why not paypal to secure you money...

  • Man haven’t paypal, and he say that doesn’t work in Poland

  • doesn’t work in Poland

    Very Well said, hope youll get your bianchi very soon

  • Sorry to hear but it do work in Poland. That's where I'm originally from.

  • I'm sorry for you but I saw that Bianchi popped up a few years back here in Belarus where I live. Extremely bad and not reliable seller that lives in Brest, which is practically on Polish - Belarusian border :( Chances that you'll get that Bianchi are really low
    Don't use Western Union unless the seller has good references from other reliable ppl on the internet.

  • Don’t know why but I keep hope
    Because selle have other item for sale here (look ergostem).
    A friend send message for Bianchi 1day after my paiement, and he replied that he had already sold... why not sell to 2 or 3 people for a beautiful scam ?

  • Agree, but still. Have you got your frame?

  • No :/

  • Now? I guess you should file a case to local Poland police. You transfer money using the real name of the receiver. Its easy to track where he got the transfer. I'm pretty sure all banks are equipped with cameras

  • Guys be aware dealing with this one +Rietzsche. not a trastworthy person and his word means nothing
    wasted my time for weeks about the titanium frame he wanted to buy and later when i got it specifically for him it continued with numerous promises about the payment that never happened

    so just heads up and don't waste your time with this deadbeat

  • he has just asked me if I want to sell one of mine

  • last message was he can not buy anything as he won't able to pick up and away for weeks etc etc etc

  • I have bought and sold a fair bit of stuff on here and always had a good experience. It pains me that I have to contribute to this thread but I would like to add @Kluens to the bad traders list.

    Bought a Revelate Tangle framebag from him ;­95/#comment14716115.

    Bag arrived quick and communication was good. Unfortunately all the downtube/seat-tube straps have all been cut shorter and now there is not enough length to get them around some of the tubes on my bike.
    The bag itself is a perfect fit on my frame, so its not as if I have bought the wrong size. It would be a good fit if the straps hadn't been cut. None of this was mentioned in the sales thread.
    I sent seller photos of the shortened straps and a refund request. Which he refused. Now he has gone quiet...

    Seller's initial reply;

    "...I wasn’t aware as they’ve been that length since it came to me, I
    trimmed the top Velcro to a curve as the corner used to rub on my
    inner thigh, this in no way has effected its use.

    (this also wasn't mentioned in the sale thread, but as he said, it doesnt affect its use.)

    If you pop on my Instagram (@kluens) you can see the bag has been used
    on two bikes by myself without any issue.

    (nice one, the bag fits your bike with the straps cut down. Shame I didnt buy the bag to fit on your bike...)

    From the cleaness of the ends the straps look to have been trimmed not
    snapped. You can see on the straps where I had Glue Dots holding the
    loose ends down. The item was sold as ‘used’ and as far as I’m
    concerned the description is accurate and it was sold as seen. The bag
    not fitting your frame is not my responsibility.

    (the bag would fit my frame just fine if it hadn't been tampered with)

    You got the bag for a good price I’m sure you’ll have no problem
    moving it on to someone who’s bike it will fit."

    (Lucky me. I now have a customized bag to shift. If anyone wants a bag that fits on @Kluens bike, give me a shout)

    Now i either sell it on with an honest description of the bag, or try and repair it. Any bag makers still on the forum?

    Paypal goods and services from now on it seems...

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Bad traders

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