Bad traders

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  • Sung to the tune of The Sound of Silence

  • I thought this was over yesterday
    But it just keeps on giving.

  • 02.50am.

    Yes. Thanks for that one!! I meet cool people on here
    so often but you lot are defo known as "trouble".

    !!Yes anyone can buy from me, if I'm selling anything and you want it!!

    My user name change in loving memory of my two
    grandmothers both whom where into cycling in their
    lives. I pay homage for their kindness introducing my
    passion for cycling. Needless in saying no I'm not "English".

    TBH there was no point maybe you felt "amused" doing it however
    you agravated my life interfering with my headspace.
    And be sure you are definitely practicing victimisation hereby also
    by offending me and my family plus being flipping headache generally.

    I shall remain on the LFGSS site as it's somewhere I've
    met many cool people and I'm always browsing for social
    reasons therefore you would understand I was so offended.

    If you are reading this, get some sleep. Enjoy the chill or whatever.

    Over and out! No more personal digs please people?
    (Go about yourselves, not me anymore, I'm not interested).


  • 03.00am.

    Yeah right. How unamusing that would be. Nope geezer not cool.

    I wish everyone well only, whatever your considerations are
    just leave it alone. It's enough now truly a totally boring conversation.

    Good luck! Best wishes. x (!!!no more conflict please!!!)

  • 03.05am.

    It's not.

  • 14:19pm

    Five Syllables here

    Seven more Syllables there

    are you happy now?

  • !!Yes anyone can buy from me, if I'm selling anything and you want it!!

    To be honest if you are going to suddenly change prices and refuse normal payment methods I will never buy from you.

    That you are still claiming to be the victim is utterly laughable. You are an utter clown.

  • Apologies again.

  • Ok, who the hell is this 1922 geezer?

    You need a tinfoil hat pal.

  • I've been on here 8yrs the guy
    that interfered is nobody I've
    even met before in person.

    I've been here

    I've never interfered with
    anyone wtf is going on with it

    Seriously? Arggg man this ain't rad.

    Pleassseee what should I do?
    Wish I said this in the original first
    place. Who am I?

    I'd have done better if knew a
    few more people on here I reckon
    that could have vouched.

    Gawd. I must seem like total C.

  • i flipped out being about
    getting mocked .
    It's meesin with my mind

  • It's also made my lass wonder
    why I'm not paying her that
    usually cool vibes between us.

    We are going for councillor
    approach next week.

    Jesus guys it's really been laid
    on here. I've now said all I can.

  • Brett, log off the forum man, forget about this cluster-fuck and enjoy what's left of the weekend!

  • True. It's annoying us.

    going insane at this end.
    Our cats just sat on top
    of me, I've gone bed very upset.

    See ya around guy laters:):):)

  • The cat is clearly meesin with your head. Pay your lass some of those usual cool vibes fella.

  • Five pages!

  • I have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox

    and which
    you were probably
    for breakfast

    Forgive me
    they were delicious
    so sweet
    and so cold

  • Dude, this really isn't something worth worrying about. You have a girlfriend, a cat, gin, pizza and a surplus of bicycle parts. That's literally all you need in life. I'm sorry this got to you so much. Just forget it - these things happen

  • I wonder how many couples need counselling after lfgss popcorn.

  • Yes anyone can buy from me, if I'm selling anything and you want it!


    Oh wait, you were serious?

  • When you're in a hole
    And you're feeling overwhelmed
    You should stop digging

  • Thanks for mentioning it.

    I was under pressure at the
    time. No it wasn't serious I
    apologise for this.

    It was a mistake
    originally, I can see that.

    Thanks again for pointing
    out my error:( sigh

  • Solid advice

  • Yeah it was a pretty large
    blow out no doubt it's now

    I wasn't thinking at the time,
    should have held my breath
    about it and looked away.

    It's obviously not how things
    should have been etc etc.
    Lost my cool etc etc. No point
    for arguing My bad etc etc

    Sorry for being "weird"

  • Your biggest crime is gong on and fucking on mate. Give it a rest yeah?

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Bad traders

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