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  • Anyway, I think that's enough about Charlie.
    Whoever randomly opens the thread will think he's a bad seller too.

  • Already got the chain tugs.


  • What are Chain Tugs?

    You are correct EU member states don't attract custom fees. But all goods do pass through customs. Int'l shipping does take a longer than domestic shipping. Where are you, the two parties based? Portugal/UK? Best to catch a plane if dealing in high value merchandise.

  • How much including postage were chain tugs from Portugal?
    Surely much less hassle to pay the 25 notes for a new pair here?

  • I want to report kaya as a bad trader.­

    If anybody knows this little cunt please advise me.

    He killed my cat.

  • I paid 21€.

    skylark you're wrong! The goods don't pass through customs.
    And even if they did, it wouldn't take this long to clear out. And he didn't provided me the parcel registry number as asked.

    kaya can put the tugs up is arse, and tug a fucking cock into it.
    Stupid prick!

  • All import goods pass through customs.

  • Interested to see other users have had problems with Cis. I had a terrible trade where he attempted to steal from me. Only by getting paypal involved and getting right up to the point where he was about to have to return the money did he finally ship the frame. It took over two months, hours of my time and god knows how many phone calls to finally resolve.

    I'm puzzled by his motivations as he seems to sell a lot of stuff on here and definitely has the stock. I suppose he just hopes people will pay him using a non-refunadable method and loose interest in chasing him up. Anyway, I strongly recommend not buying from him, the number of lies and stories he manage to spin in that two month period was impressive.

    On the other hand the frame is actually very nice, I just don't need it now because it took so long coming that I bought something else.

    Originally Posted by swagmaster
    I was getting the kind of picture these last few weeks that I might have been fucked by this user Cis. I paid for him 334 euros for this bike and about two weeks after the payment he send me some email that "sorry it's been taking so long etc" and that I should be getting the tracking code early next week. Nothing obviously didn't happen and today I got an email by this other guy that he had bought the same bike via ebay and said that we might have been fooled by this guy Cis.

    Any suggestions what to do now? Paid for him with bank transfer, no paypal.

    Fun fun think about fun.


    I want to excuse myself here on this board for this deal which didn't went to well. I had some serious problems at home which lead to the fact I couldn't post here or ship the items.

    Now the bike for swagmaster has been posted and the eBay buyer has his money back (I posted the bike on eBay a while after the add here because I had no response).

    I'm very sorry this had to take so long but I do hope you still enjoy your bike.


  • Anything on b4b? Haven't really spoken to him before.

  • Anything on b4b? Haven't really spoken to him before.

    Doesn't post. I bought Longandwinding's ALAN frame from him. Lovely guy. I had no issues at all. NOT a bad trader.

  • I would like to warn everyone to buy from loafheads.

    It does not matter that some of you know him in person, it's more important to realise how he actually behaves to everyone else:

    He offered me two pairs of Campagnolo Strada cranks. I asked him about hairline cracks at the spider-arm junction, he said they have no cracks, so I purchased one of the pairs, in "good condition".

    I received his parcel and - voilá - hairline cracks on BOTH sides of the spider-arm junction, two small ones on the left and a deep one on the right. Too large to file out. Defective, expensive crap in the end which I paid 55 quid for.

    Here are two close up photos of the cracks in the cranks he sent:­759646_4a88a0846d_b.jpg­208403_4d79d18a01_b.jpg

    So, he states that he did not try do deceive me, but would you believe someone who sends you such crap? Logically, I don't trust someone anymore who sends me obviously faulty parts, so I asked him to refund me.

    But - voilá again - he wants me to return the cranks FIRST before refunding. So he actually dares to ask me to trust him again after making me pay for useless cranks.

    If I was selling something so obviously faulty and the buyer asks me to refund, I would be absolutely ashamed, I would sincerely apologize and I would wait not a single second to refund him, but not loafheads. Instead, this guy tries to suggest this would be a "tactic to get an even lower price". Sorry, but I have enough, this is getting pathetic.

    This is all a massive pain in the ass and I have never met someone who fails so massively in taking responsibility. Why should I ever trust him and send the cranks back to someone who has already lost every trust. It's his absolutely his responsibility to do the first step to make good for this time-consuming, annoying deal that costs me hours and hours of valuable time, not me.


  • You can hardly call those cracks. Try getting an electron microscope to see the structure of forged alloy. You will still find voids.
    If you were going to pick up a fine tooth comb you should've picked them up for yourself. Not that it helps some people.

  • The second crack is narrow, but too long to be filed out. EOD.

  • It's not clear from your picture. But I assume you're referring to the long streak to the left side of the second picture. Honestly, can't say. But you shouldn't be filing anything off. You're likely to do more harm by filing material away.

  • You can hardly call those cracks. Try getting an electron microscope to see the structure of forged alloy. You will still find voids.
    If you were going to pick up a fine tooth comb you should've picked them up for yourself. Not that it helps some people.

    That's fucking rich coming from you!

  • these are the cranks in question.

    I got them for the duell but then sold the bike so never used them. They looked in good shape when I got them with the usual marks of a 30 + year crank. If they were unsafe I dont think wharry would have sold them to me.

    I sold them on in good faith and when jetski was unhappy with them I offered him a full refund. He wants a refund first and I will not do that.
    This transaction has gone on for so long. he constantly lowballed me on prices and even wanted a discount on shipping to Berlin. I sold the cranks for less then I paid for and lost some money on the shipping.

    anyways I have sold and bought stuff here and always donated and kept everything in the spirit of the forum. I offered tools and help and tried to be involved in the community rather then just selling stuff.

    Lesson learned is sell local or go to ebay. It really is not worth the hassle.
    Anyways thanks for going on all my old threads and linking to this page.

    As I said send them back and Ill refund you your money.

  • "He wants a refund first and*** I will not do that*."

    And this was the point where I really started to wonder why... I am very active on here as well and many people know me in person, I sold many things on here as well and I am Cat 3 as well.

    BUT, I do have a flawless reputation, but not loafheads (anymore).

    So why in hell would I do the first step? I think everyone will easily see my point.

  • I agree with loafheads. I wouldn't refund until the item has arrived.

    Reputation means nothing any more. I have a cat.1. Not because I've sold that many things but because I've been given rep enough to reach cat.1

  • And by the way, to top it all off, loafheads refuses to refund the return postage, although it's completely his fault. By law he is obliged to refund the return postage. Couldn't be worse.

  • expect he's not a shop, nor a business seller, so I doubt such law will be valid in this kind of transaction.

    To be honest, I think it's reasonable to send the cranks first before refunding, refunding first is usually an act of good faith rather than a requirement.

  • I can't see why you guys can't just chill! £55 isn't a lot of money. Not really. One of you do the honourable thing. If you lose your cash, just be ready next time there's looting in your ends.

    Basically, grow the fuck up.

  • Jetski,

    When you buy something, and it's faulty, then you do generally have to return the item to get your money back.

    I don't see what Loafheads has done wrong, and you seem like a bit of a silly sausage trying to out him as some kind of rip-off merchant no?

    You seem pent up, try to relax jetski.

  • Better put than me eightfivethree.

  • you should probably delete the posts you made in all 3 of loafheads' for sale threads which together look like some sort of desperate attempt to defame him.

    from what YOU have said, he didn't see the cracks, is happy for you to return the cranks for a full refund (i can't think of any one person or business who would find it logical to return the money before they recieve their goods back). it looks like this could have been sorted out very quietly.

  • To make this clear: I have asked if there are hairline cracks before buying the cranks.
    Stating that there are no cracks and then sending cranks with exactly those cracks is WAY beyond 'accidently sent something faulty' to me.

    Can't understand why some of you still have sympathy for this behaviour.

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Bad traders

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