650c wheels bicycle (for 5'3 and under)

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  • Nice frame!

    I have the Giant TCR frame (size XXS) from 2006, also for 650c wheels but has vertical dropouts. I wish it had horizontal dropouts though! if you ever wish to sell the frame here you have a potenctial buyer!

  • Yeah, I always had to argue with USA product department and I had the opinion that they didn't understand some things very well.
    They had a very good lobby in Taiwan though and had quite some influence on the final product line. One of the reasons why I quit.
    I have 2x 26" Giant TCR,, both prototypes. However, 1x horizontal, 1x vertical dropouts. I'm afraid I can't help you. But there must be quite a number in Europe. Not going cheap though.

  • Just noticed that Surly Long Haul Truckers have the option of 26" wheels on their smaller frame sizes, and go down to a 42cm. Nice if you're looking for something to tour with.

  • I have a Peugeot aluminium frame and forks with 650c clearances for sale, 22 1/2" seat tube (centre to top of tube). White colour, Complete with Ahead head set (1" dia). Contact me if you are interested.

  • 22 1/2" is quite a large frame, we're talking more about little bikes for little women here hence the need for 650c - thanks for the offer, but I think you're pitching at the wrong audience.

  • My first proper bike (one which was mine and mine alone) was a (secondhand) Holdsworth Equipe= 19 1/2 " frame with 26 x 1 1/4 wheels. I still have this frame over ** years later- built up as a singlespeed. However, it's really difficult to get wheels of that size and I haven't found any alloy rims at all anywhere. I run 700C's on it now, but they are a touch too big- would 650's be as near as possible to the original wheel size?

  • Couldn't you just put MTB rims on it?

  • No not enough clearance and I'd have to change the brakes.

  • Thanks- I did try one of these (my uncle's bike shed was a cornucopia of bike parts)- they do fit better but I would still have to chamge the brakes. The brake pads won't quite align with the braking surface and just scrape the tyre a tad. The brakes are the originals- Weinmann centerpulls and while a modern replacement would be more efficient, they are one of the few original parts left on the frame. I can ride it with 700's so will probably just carry on- it's fine for short rides around town, just won't ever be a bike I use for long rides ever again.

  • My friend's GF's bike needs small wheels (some random old size prolly same as yours). I picked up a open pro front/DA off ebay for ~£30 and then build a rear using a cxp33 (I think Wingedangel has some cxp33's (or at least 1) in 650c - try pming...)

    ...or (re)build a new set using CPX22's for a cheaper option.

    I'd still scrap the centre-pulls for some modern dual pivots.

    Also does anyone know of any 650c tyres that aren't 23c? I still need a rear tyre, and my guess is the user would rather have a slightly fatter tyre.


  • Cervelo P2 in smaller sizes and their RS I think.

    @ Hugo 7...Madison are showing Conti Gran Prix tyres in 650 X 24mm in stock, not much wider, though?

  • Apparently SE do the Lager 2011 as a 43cm frame with 650c wheels!

  • Also does anyone know of any 650c tyres that aren't 23c? I still need a rear tyre, and my guess is the user would rather have a slightly fatter tyre.

    Conti GP (650c and 700c) is 24mm and really fat, but I don't like that tyre.
    To heavy, stiff and getting slits easily (pucture).
    The older GP was a lot better and cheaper.

  • If anyone is looking for a road bike this is still available:


    My mate (on whose behalf I'm selling it) has agreed to £400 ono. I haz moar pics if needed.

    Does have 700c wheels though, not 650c.

    ***A mate of mine has just had her 46cm titanium Condor (Moda) with easton wheels nicked from outside LMNH. Evening of Weds 12th. If anyone on the hunt for a very small ladies bike/frame comes across a likely suspect please give me a yell and I'll let Leila know (think it has a name sticker on the top tube and, who knows, the thief might be too stupid to notice/remove it).

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  • Thought I would add that I've got a 650c bike for sale here:


  • i realise this is not the place to put this, but i have yet to post on the forum and am required to do so 3 times before starting a new thread.
    recently bought my girlfriend a 2010 43cm 650c black fuji track as a surprise, but unfortunately she doesn't like it! it came boxed and has never been ridden, despite begging for it loudly.
    i intend to advertise on ebay for £250 within the week, but will offer it to forum users for £200. will post in the classifieds section as soon as the nursery permits.

  • Don't forget to read the rule about posting in classified (especially in regard to ebay).

  • apologies, will amend my plans to abide by these!

  • Dibs if you can post up north chaytor. Was planning to buy one of the ebay ones for £249 anyway..

  • Im a 5'8" bloke with woman like proportions (longer legs/shorter torso and arms).

    Ive been really struggling with a 54cm top tube frame with 700c. It feels like I need a much less long bike.

    Am I mad to think that a 43cm fuji track with 650c wheels could potentially be an excellent fit? The effective top tube is apparently 50cm. To me 51 is what I would guess is ideal. But Ive never seen a that kind of short frame with 700c wheels. It would cause front wheel toe overlap etc. Plus im short of dorrar and Fuji Track 650c are only £250 new on ebay delivered.

  • Some serious stealth 650c goodness:

  • woman like proportions (longer legs/shorter torso and arms)

    citation needed

  • citation needed

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650c wheels bicycle (for 5'3 and under)

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