Concept Bikes & Bike Innovation - for better or worse

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  • I get what you mean, but it's still amazing, and I never got the vibe that he claimed to have manufactured the actual gear mechanism/assembly (not sure of the exact term).

    But yes, perhaps a little cheeky.

  • Fair points! A colleague of mine is going for the non-e-version though l, wil not be locking it up outside and he wants a sporty geo. My first impression was that it is kind of a breath of fresh air compared to the Vanmoof bikes, which are shit quality. This has belt drive, shimano gear and a localky produced frame. I do wonder if the frame is durable with this type of construction.

  • Oh for sure. Not a fan of the Vanmoof either. I always got on so well with the most haggard old bikes in Amsterdam that I couldn't conceive getting something fancy - but being skint all the time probably contributed to that. And I'm clearly not the target market in that regard.

    I do like that it's made locally though. It must be a hard market to enter - considering the number of perfectly serviceable bikes that are available second hand and the rate at which bikes get nicked.

  • I do wonder if the frame is durable with this type of construction

    Ask a Honda Cub owner. OK, the Cub and previous pedal cycles welded together from pressings have been steel, but the car industry has been building frames this way from aluminium for a while now.

  • Sounds promising Tester, thanks. At first glance the welds they show seem fragile, but if you say so that the Cub was built in similar fashion, I'm convinced. Aluminium or not ;)

  • I have the same scepsis, but this is definitely a bike that is targeted at local yuppies, people with enough ambition to stand out and money to afford a +2k commuter bike. The fact that it's locally built is a unique selling point to address the people that want to show they are willing to spend a few more euros to be sustainable in their purchase. Like a prius for cyclists. Anyway if there ais no technical scapsis here, I think my colleague will get one for sure and I'll be back with a review on here.

  • the welds they show seem fragile

    The forces trying to pull two clamshell halves apart halfway along a box member are not the same as the forces trying to rip a tube clear of its moorings at a junction. It's mostly shear, and the weld is much longer. Stacks of dimes not required.

    Strictly speaking Cubs have a tube joining the headstock to the rest of the frame, so they're not fully pressed, but the bigger and faster 1950/60s Benlys were pressed clamshells, as were the Dax monkey bikes among many others. Even the mighty Yamaha R1 is just a bunch of aluminium pressings welded together along the edges 🙂

  • What do y'all think of this here bike

    Like pretty much every other time, the single sided aspects got binned between prototype and production 🙂

  • Looks like someone glued some wheels to a broom and a supermarket turnstile.

  • ^^ that looks particularly bendy!

    Edit: to be fair to him though, he was a university student and his project was about exploring styling and alternative manufacturing. You’d all laugh if you saw my final year ‘what if London had a bike hire scheme, what would it look like’ effort!

  • Proper Craftenstein.
    Though I would put risers on, like I do.

  • Classic perpetual development grant scam:

    "Alternative to e-bike"...

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  • Perpetual motion! Could we merge with the flat earth thread?

  • I'm surprised they managed to get it to stay still enough to get a picture of it seeing as it should just spring forward under the mass of the bike.

  • Does this belong here or in the functional thread?

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  • I don't understand the need for a ski on the front of that thing. At the depth of snow when a ski would be beneficial, the top speed is so slow that the rear will sink anyway.

  • Try the gravel thread as seems suitable for Essex bridleways at the moment.

  • Really like the new direction LeMond bikes are going. Well thought out classy looking commuter e-bikes are definitely something the market is lacking currently. £4350 price tag is far from 'affordable' for the mass market though.

  • far from 'affordable' for the mass market though.

    Lemond has never really been a mass market brand.

  • the pink one is amazing. that's very pricey though

  • Do these people sit around in a perpetual cirle jerk watching Thron on repeat?

    Edit: Handlebars?

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  • Thron


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  • Sorry, yes Tron (maybe italian tubing takes up to much real estate in my sub consius).

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Concept Bikes & Bike Innovation - for better or worse

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