Concept Bikes & Bike Innovation - for better or worse

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  • I was there man!

    I remember reading articles about that guy. It was when the internet just started appearing for us in the sticks and there was this super nerd with shorthand keyboards on his 'bents handlebars. Fascinating stuff. What's the guy doing now? What happened to his bike, etc?

    I'll definitely give this a read. Dude was way ahead of his time... too far ahead... /cliche

  • I'm amazed nobodies thought to commercialise the "active head-cooling system

    Well, since 1992 helmet manufacturers have progressively thrown protection under the bus in search of ventilation, and it turns out that you don't need a helmet anyway.

  • That guy is 100% winning

  • and it turns out that you don't need a helmet anyway.

    As in "doesn't protect you enough anyway"?

  • Stop stop stop stop stop. Wrong thread / forum / internet

  • Is there a helmet thread?
    My intend was not to stir the pot of anything like that (English isn't my native language, sorry if it came out as trolling).
    I was genuinely interested by @gbj_tester said ; if he meant that helmets lacked protection anyway or that the statistics show that head traumas aren't the most frequent type of accident, or something else.

  • There is a helmet thread and last time I checked it was about as polarised as the US election

    I'd leave it be :)

  • Is there a helmet thread?

    Yes, and it contains plenty of pointers to allow you to come to a well informed personal decision about the utility of different kinds of helmets for different kinds of activity. I would never wish to tell anybody which conclusion they should come to for themselves.

  • about as polarised as the US election

    There are poles, but even those clinging to them mostly manage to be civil.

  • Car ABS scaled for bike disc brakes....
    (Runs from an eBike battery)
    Although I'm inclined to scoff, I suppose that inexperienced riders zipping around at power assisted speeds will need all the help they can get. Potentially sensible for e-cargobike too (assuming it works)

    Edit: Bosch have a system too­abs/
    likewise VW/Audi:­-e-bikes/vw-stellt-neues-e-bike-vor-mit-­abs/
    And Shimano­bs-for-bikes/

  • Yes I vaguely recall this story too - back then I remember thinking we'd all be riding Windcheetah SLs by now.... (pre-internet my only window into non-competitive cycling and associated technology was reading Richard Ballentine books at the local library)

  • inexperienced riders zipping around at power assisted speeds

    I can't be bothered to find the link, but around my neck of the woods boomers on e-bikes is an increasingly common sight, as well as increasing their presence in accident statistics.
    We won't get people off those e-bikes again (nor should we) so in principle, having a technological solution to a problem that technology created seems fine with me.

  • having a technological solution to a problem that technology created

    How much of a problem is breaking traction under braking? A training solution might be more effective, as many untrained users don't know how to use their brakes.
    Cars got emergency brake assist because people were crashing not by skidding, which ABS solved, but by not even pushing the brake hard enough to make ABS useful. It was more or less the equivalent of controlled descent into terrain - they had all the performance envelope they needed to avoid a collision, they just didn't know how to use it.

  • Bit of a dredge on this...

    I'd be happy to see a 10 min video on just the internal gearing

    It's surprising he's not a bit more upfront about the fact it's based around a Shimano Alfine hub thats been tucked into the frame - that's why it was easy to go from 8 to 11 speed.

    Would still be interesting to see what he had to do to get the whole system working through the swinging arm, but there are moments in the video that would suggest he had created this magical 'epicyclic gearbox' with up/down backwards/stationary shifting, when that's clearly not the case.

    Still love a Millyard video. All the stuff he does is mind blowing and the videos are lovely things on their own.

  • When you're stuck in traffic 99% of the time, you don't move fast enough to know how to brake hard when you actually find clear road and something to avoid hitting.

  • Have we had this yet?

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    • reevo-hubless-e-bike.jpg
  • Am I tricking myself in thinking that these kind of bikes often have Kenda tires?

  • They waste so much money on making the junk "innovative" frames that they have to skrimp on the garbage components to make them a sellable price

  • Those tyres look like they’ve just been photoshopped straight over the top of everything.

    And the seat post mount tube stalk stick on bit. What do you even call that? Did they forget it needed that bit or something?

  • seat post mount tube stalk stick on bit

    I believe that is indeed the technical term.

  • I found this interesting. 50cc racing bikes from the 1960s used V brakes!

  • I don't think we've had this before. Rides like a cracked downtube of death, anyone?

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  • What do y'all think of this here bike, made in Amsterdam?

  • I know that the majority of people in Amsterdam want an upright riding position for a start. I can't really see the alleged improvements over the standard e-bikes you see in Amsterdam. The battery doesn't appear to be removeable either, which is a total ballache if you live in a flat or similar. Which is another point - you wouldn't lock it up outside overnight - but that's a more general point about having a nice bike in Amsterdam as your daily.

  • This would be such a ballache to lock up 90% of the time. How this is more convenient than carrying a d-lock on the frame is beyond me.

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Concept Bikes & Bike Innovation - for better or worse

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