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  • First proper pizza for a bit. Also bashed out a sourdough base. Was good.

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  • Wild Garlic themed pizzas tonight

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  • Season opener, noticeably out of practice but decent enough.

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  • Ill post some more as I took some on the camera

  • Any decent options for an outdoor table to house an Ooni + gas bottle? Ooni's own one seems incredibly overpriced for what it is. Basically something sturdy, weather resistant with enough space for the oven on top and a gas bottle below.

  • The quality of the Ooni one is exceptional. We’ve had it outside uncovered for 2 years and it still looks brand new.

    It is expensive but does seem to be a long lasting solution.

  • Think it was mentioned on here previously but I have an Ikea one which is sturdy and holding up well. I did varnish the ply top. Also I have a little awning over it, presume it would rust eventually if totally exposed. Not sure a gas bottle will fit underneath though without drilling new holes higher up for the middle shelf. Still not cheap though.­y-black-pine-plywood-60333850/#content

  • Thanks for the info folks! The Ikea one looks decent enough but I reckon it'd be tricky to fit the gas bottle in (and not sure if removing the shelf would result in it being a bit wobbly). Will likely just end up going for the Ooni one as I can foresee myself spending a long time researching a cheaper non-shit alternative

  • That xkcd covers far too much of my pre -purchase timewasting :/

  • Had a mare at the airport so landed in NYC 6 hours late, missed our dinner reservation but managed to get to Scarr’s before they shut. Eating slices of pizza in the hotel room last night and drinking beer was kinda bliss!

  • Just got an Ooni - what's my best gas option to be cooking for the weekend?

  • B&Q do gas in store

  • Grab a bottle from anywhere (petrol station) then use London gas for refills (they deliver).

  • Cheers, picked up 13kg. Pizza both nights, Sundays were better but no pictures (honest guv)

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  • Sort of last minute pizza action made possible by an active starter and some open minds. Followed up with tomorrow’s dinner of chicken and dumplings with preserved lemon

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  • made a pizza sauce , slapped it on some baguette split lengthways - topped with cucina mozzarella Block saino’s is doing now. Under grill. Total heresy. Did not photograph - too much yum

  • Are there any discount codes floating about for Ooni. They used to have a newsletter signup discount code but that seems to have vanished. Suppose they may do some discounts on Ooni day which is being advertised on their site. Any insider info!

  • Haven’t used this in 18 months so giving it a shot. Wish me luck.

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  • Dough too thick so a bit over cooked on the bottom but a good start and I can’t complain about an evening sitting in front of a fire drinking beer.

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  • Sounds like the dream.

  • Would Ooni be the go to for a small cafe doing pizzas on the patio when the weather allows?

  • Probably. I wold consider going for the 16 as it has the side burners if you need to churn things out quickly or larger than around 8-10" across.

  • Big recommendation for the pizza at Bon Vino on Maltby St. Had it on Friday and been thinking about it since. Spenny but fucking delicious.

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