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  • Tonight's were probably my best yet.

    Chorizo and Honey
    Nduja and Fresh Mozzarella

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  • Corrr!

  • First time with a poolish instead of a biga.

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  • Notice any difference?
    Whats your preference?
    Gozney have recently made a Big recipe with Adam from Peddling Pizzas but the amount of yeast they use feels crazy (10g for 1KG flour).

  • Good questions!

    Honestly haven't noticed that much of a difference, I did the exact same recipe as Forkish' biga recipe except I added more water to the pre-ferment and less to the final dough. Final hydration was still the regular 70%, it was easy to shape but not a notable difference to the other dough. Maybe teeny bit nicer to knead and pre-shape, I'll give it another go.

    250g Caputo Nuvola Super
    250g water
    0.2g instant yeast

    Final dough
    500g poolish
    250g Caputo Nuvola Super
    100g water
    12g salt

  • So that 10g of fresh yeast sounds even crazier now if you are using sub 1g!

  • It all depends on timing of course, with 10g I'd hope they'd bake them within hours after making the dough? With 02.g yeast the pre-ferment is left at room temperature overnight, and then another 6-7 hours of proofing of the final dough, and an overnight retard. So that's a total of 48 hours.

  • A few from tonight, noticeably colder which made the dough harder to work with.

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  • Mega page!
    It's been just 2 weeks since I had the Ooni and am already missing it. Hopefully I'll be in an apartment that suits one next year

  • I’m giving these ratios ago, don’t have scales that are capable of 0.2g so used about the right amount based on how much of a teaspoon it should be (1/8 ish or something).
    Not noticing much rise from the biga after 6 hours ish, should I be seeing any or does it happen overnight?

  • Turned out pretty decent.

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  • Same here, could have gone a bit longer but nice enough anyway. @Tijs ate half of this, apparently riding across Germany makes one hungry.

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  • Anybody managed pizza Fiorentina on an ooni, and if so, any tips? OH likes them, but also has a horror of runny egg white, and I worry that it wouldn't cook properly in the time it gets. Wondering if putting a pre-poached egg on top might work?

  • I tried this a while ago and had an absolute nightmare, Ooni suggest cracking the egg 30 seconds to allow the base to form but I think it took 5 minutes for the egg white to set properly. Crust was super dark, the spinach charred, and the egg like a smeared out hard boiled egg. Pre-poached might work, could be a bit wet though?

  • I have tried it, and just made sure to turn down the ooni (gas) to low so the whole thing cooked slower. Worked fine. I also just removed some of the white so there was less egg

  • We've had success doing it at the end and keeping the temperature low by

    • letting the floor cool down a little
    • keeping the door open
    • adding a piece of wood so that there is a flame over the top but it's not at full temperature

  • I also just removed some of the white so there was less egg

    Smart! When I poach eggs I crack them in a sieve to get rid of the watery part of the egg white, would definitely do that if I'd give it another go.

  • Ta all; will go for cooking them separately then. I may have to experiment.

  • Mixed bag tonight, upped the hydration and had a launch failure on the final pizza. The best was the garlic and rosemary 'starter pizza'

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  • When I poach eggs I crack them in a sieve to get rid of the watery part of the egg white

    This is fucking ingenious*

    *why is genius and ingenious spelled without and with the o? Fucking English language.

  • Bought a house with a pizza oven in the back garden (golf club thread ➡️➡️➡️)

    Now probably the wrong thread for this next confession, but I have zero interest in learning how to make pizza in order to make use of said pizza oven. It's fucking massive and takes up a bunch of space which I want for actual garden.

    That said, it feels a bit wasteful just demolishing what is obviously a very newly built thing. Is there anything here that could be salvaged and sold / given away or is mostly heading into the skip?

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  • You don't have to make pizza. You could do pretty much any oven cooking in that. But if you don't fancy outdoors cooking, then unless you are meticulous in your demolition and/or there are particularly fancy fire bricks etc, then no. It would be like taking down a wall. Maybe the flue would net you £20.

  • I bought a SMAKSAK fan oven from IKEA (half price in bargain corner, but still new). Makes great pizza at 350°C.

    Has a 500°C pyrolytic function. Am tempted to hack the safety lock and use that feature to make better pizzas.

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