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  • Is that just a puddle of Friday night vomit?

  • Kept it simple this evening, 3 flavours 6 pizzas. Cast Iron Pan and Grill method worked well as per usual.

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  • That cleans Dr. Oetker off the mental palate nicely, thanks!

  • Roman version of pizza is supposed to be thicker/denser and cooked at a lower temp compared to Neapolitan.

  • Much like NY. And yep, adding olive oil to base makes it crisp up.

  • Just got myself a Koda on ebay. Straight up rookie question - what kind of gas do I need and where do I get it from?

  • Patio gas, it's expensive the first time you buy as you have to pay for the bottle (you just have the bottle refilled from then on)

    I got mine from Eastern Gases but you can buy patio gas at B&Q as well. There's quite a few gas delivery companies in London.

    I recommend getting the type below as they're a lot lighter and safer than the old metal ones.­as/bbq-and-patio-heater-gas/gaslight-10k­g-london

  • Thanks. Have ordered.

  • Forkish dough with overnight poolish. Deffo my favourite recipe - seems like it gets better every time

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  • Oof, amazing. Is that the 48-72 hour dough?

    Did his sourdough recipe yesterday but forgot to cover the shaped doughballs so struggled with stretching as a hard scale had formed. Nice enough still, I’m loving his Brooklyn Honey Pie.

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  • a little OT ... but has anyone used their digital surface thermometer to do body temp ... can't see why it wouldn't work but my forehead is apparently 33C ... which means I'm in mild hypothermia.

    or am I going to have to spend 30 quid on one that claims to do body temp :(

  • I have both types and when I got the one for the pizza oven I tried it on myself and I'm pretty sure it read around 33c as well. I would imagine that you either have to make them accurate at higher or lower temps and if you want them accurate at both the cost would go up dramatically (kind of like weighing scales for light and heavy accuracy) so no one bothers.

  • That us a great looking crust.
    I need to try polish methods... do you have a link to this one?

  • Anyone got a good recipe for cornmeal pizza base, I feel like giving it a go

  • I’m looking for a pizza tray/stone any recommendations

  • Just buy a thick piece of steel cut to size, I got some 12mm thick steel from a seller off ebay, but that's probably a bit too thick tbh - it weighs a ton, but does hold the heat very well.

    Just give it a scrub to remove any surface rust etc and then season with flax seed oil.

  • I do have some sheet steel actually

  • It’s what I did as well, bought some 1/2” steel from a local distributor, works.

  • So a sheet of 25mm steel?

  • Just priced that up on a website; £58!!!

  • Nope, about half that. Half of 25mm, that is.

  • The cheddar is a toddler request.

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  • Print up a card with that pic and your message on it and give it to them when they've developed some taste.

  • Last nights pizza was a disaster. I’ve been using a metal pizza tray but the holes are big and the dough is quite wet. So it goes through the holes. So used grease proof with plenty of flour. Total waste of time

  • 25 x 300 x 400 mm steel plate would weight about 25kg just FYI.

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