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  • Anyone made potato pizza before? Tempted to try one tonight.

  • pizza on top or some weird potato-flour sort of thing?

    If it's the former, I sometimes get a load of potatoes from the place that does rotisserie chicken (roasted under the chickens in the fat). If there's any left afterwards I've used a thin tomato sauce, sliced potatoes, pancetta and finely chopped rosemary with a little bit of mozzarella.

    If it's the latter, you're on your own.

  • Potato on top thinly sliced.

    Rotisserie potatoes........oof

  • Potato on pizza is God tier

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  • I've found they need a boil before going on the pizza in an ooni, otherwise they've been a bit undercooked

  • We actually have one, and I have no complaints really, so I'm probably being ridiculous in thinking that an oven designed to use gas would be better than the pro with gas attachment.

  • Yeah always pre-cooked. New potatoes best.

  • I thought i was bad at "buy all the things"

    Contact Ooni and ask if there would be any advantage - there may be.

    Though am now thinking "if i got a hose splitter i could run two ovens at once and increase (nay double) my pizza output and input into me"

  • I know, I know, I know. Ridiculous unfounded reasons aside, I like that the Koda has the front open so you can see the pizza whilst it cooks and I think at some point you will be able to plumb in the Koda 16 to mains?

    I love pizza and sometimes cycling, and the cycling doesn't cost me very much and the pizza I get a huge amount of enjoyment from.

  • I have a Koda (not the big one) comes with the oven, stone base for cooking on, gas hose and regulator.
    You need to get a gas bottle (propane, look for Patio Gas with a 27mm clip on regulator configuration) and a peel to get the pizza in the oven (and out again)

  • Yes. Lots of good ways to do it. My favourite is:

    No tomato sauec. Mozarella, slices of small waxy potato (precooked with skins on) , sprinkle of rosemary, small pieces of rocquefort. Perfection. If you wanted a bit more of a sauce effect on the pizza you can use a little creme fraiche to coat the base before topping.

  • Cheers! We already have two peels from making oven pizzas. Will bring the regulator to the OBI and nod until they give me the right bottle of gas.

  • Yeah have done plenty...

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  • Bristol pizza heads: Flour and Ash is closing unfortunately. They’re selling all their stock including 25kg sacks of Shipton Mill 00 flour for £15. Two bags left when I just grabbed some discount wine and tomatoes a minute ago

  • Turns out you don't use that much friarielli on any given pizza, so a 600g can is possibly overkill for domestic use. Have bagged portions up in the freezer, which should keep me going for a couple of months at least...

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  • Sour dough veggie pizza

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  • Pic reminds me, Cycle Surgery are selling off the Park Tools cutter for cheapz.­s-pzt2-pizza-tool-P5324391.html?colour=1­24

  • That looks huge, would soon drive me mad getting tangled up in my already over filled utensil drawer.

    Went with frying pan and frozen dough yesterday, going to go back to strong bread flour, the ‘00’ I’m currently using seems to lack structure.

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  • First pizzas in the Ooni, not as thin as hoped but the dough was a bit prone to tearing. I was using a 00 flour for pasta as I couldn't find pizza flour. 5kg of Caputo making it's way to us now, as well as a lot of canned San Marzano tomatoes. We'll hopefully have gotten the hang of this by the time the homegrown San Marzanos are ripe.

    Need to work on the turning, hard to get it moving quick enough with the wooden peel. Might get a steel turning peel as I singed off a lock of hair trying to get a view of what I was doing with the tongs.

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  • Looking good! But yes, a metal peel is a must for turning/removal; I use a bamboo peel to make the pizza on and to put it in the oven, and a cheapo eBay aluminium one for moving the pizza and removal.

  • So it begins

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  • Overdone!

  • Keeping reading this thread and leaving thinking that it is become less about the end product pizza and more about the poster trying to gain kudos when you here is so little in their life.

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