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  • Anyone made potato pizza before? Tempted to try one tonight.

  • pizza on top or some weird potato-flour sort of thing?

    If it's the former, I sometimes get a load of potatoes from the place that does rotisserie chicken (roasted under the chickens in the fat). If there's any left afterwards I've used a thin tomato sauce, sliced potatoes, pancetta and finely chopped rosemary with a little bit of mozzarella.

    If it's the latter, you're on your own.

  • Potato on top thinly sliced.

    Rotisserie potatoes........oof

  • Potato on pizza is God tier

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  • I've found they need a boil before going on the pizza in an ooni, otherwise they've been a bit undercooked

  • We actually have one, and I have no complaints really, so I'm probably being ridiculous in thinking that an oven designed to use gas would be better than the pro with gas attachment.

  • Yeah always pre-cooked. New potatoes best.

  • I thought i was bad at "buy all the things"

    Contact Ooni and ask if there would be any advantage - there may be.

    Though am now thinking "if i got a hose splitter i could run two ovens at once and increase (nay double) my pizza output and input into me"

  • I know, I know, I know. Ridiculous unfounded reasons aside, I like that the Koda has the front open so you can see the pizza whilst it cooks and I think at some point you will be able to plumb in the Koda 16 to mains?

    I love pizza and sometimes cycling, and the cycling doesn't cost me very much and the pizza I get a huge amount of enjoyment from.

  • I have a Koda (not the big one) comes with the oven, stone base for cooking on, gas hose and regulator.
    You need to get a gas bottle (propane, look for Patio Gas with a 27mm clip on regulator configuration) and a peel to get the pizza in the oven (and out again)

  • Yes. Lots of good ways to do it. My favourite is:

    No tomato sauec. Mozarella, slices of small waxy potato (precooked with skins on) , sprinkle of rosemary, small pieces of rocquefort. Perfection. If you wanted a bit more of a sauce effect on the pizza you can use a little creme fraiche to coat the base before topping.

  • Cheers! We already have two peels from making oven pizzas. Will bring the regulator to the OBI and nod until they give me the right bottle of gas.

  • Yeah have done plenty...

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  • Bristol pizza heads: Flour and Ash is closing unfortunately. They’re selling all their stock including 25kg sacks of Shipton Mill 00 flour for £15. Two bags left when I just grabbed some discount wine and tomatoes a minute ago

  • Turns out you don't use that much friarielli on any given pizza, so a 600g can is possibly overkill for domestic use. Have bagged portions up in the freezer, which should keep me going for a couple of months at least...

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  • Sour dough veggie pizza

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  • Pic reminds me, Cycle Surgery are selling off the Park Tools cutter for cheapz.­s-pzt2-pizza-tool-P5324391.html?colour=1­24

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