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  • sourdough folks:
    i put together some dough last night (~67% hydration), kneaded it (though the recipe really didn't call for much, then a couple stretch and folds)... it was soft but smooth, left it overnight and it's gotten quite sticky, shaping it into balls is a bit of a faff. Maybe underkneaded?

    The ball proof stage is meant to be about 5h.

    Anything I can do to save it? Is it a lost cause?

  • how much starter/flour did you use? i was initially getting dough like this by adding waay too much starter/yeast to my pizza dough

  • i made an intermediate levain that sat f0r about 4h ... and used about 60g for 500g of flour ... too much?

  • That sounds similar to my method. The dough is a little sticky and feels like it won't work but after a 6hr bench at 18-20 degs and plenty flour on the slap out its good to go.

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  • I use the Franco Manca recipe have linked to it many times. I tend to knead for approx 10 mins until dough is smooth and it is coming free from the workbench. I start the process around 9 am bulk ferment for 24 hours, so next day split into balls and shape at 9am and leave for final prove with a view to cooking that evening.

    Has worked well for me.

  • I use 15g starter in 1.6kg of flour and 1kg water.

  • Made pizza in the Karu Saturday, firing on hardwood alone, and as a windy day it was possibly getting too hot - pizzas cooking in under 60 seconds, and burning a bit too easily. Possibly worth getting an IR thermometer after all, and maybe fiddling with the chimney vent to see what effect it has on temperature?

  • Windy day and wood burning was the hottest my oven has even got. Am probably going to stick to gas for ease and more even cooking. Will possibly shield it from wind as when gas burning gusts of wind decreased the temperature.

    Get an IR gun mine was £15 off amazon or eBay and has been great.

    My ooni came bundled with a heat gun but it wasn’t shipped with it, when I contacted them they said they weren’t in stock and it might take a while to get one so I ordered a cheap one used it and then the ooni one arrived. The cheap one records the same temp as the ooni branded one.

  • The cheap one records the same temp as the ooni branded one.

    Good info that. Mind linking to the amazon one you got?

  • Can’t find it in my amazon history but that only goes back 6 months. Could otherwise have been an eBay purchase.

  • This one

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  • Thanks all for the sourdough advice ... I think mine went a bit over and was difficult to handle.

    A little OT but I cooked a thick rib eye on the ooni ... was amazing

    Now I’m on the hunt for other things to cook in it ... what have other people tried?

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  • Is that done on a cast iron griddle? What method?

  • yeah i got one of these:­

    heated the pan in the ooni until it was around 400ish ... 4-ish cm thick ribeye ... placed steak on put it in the oven and set timer to 2m30s ... half way through turned the pan around in the ooni (to evenly cook on both ends) .... then flipped it for and repeat for another 2m30s.

    the butcher had cut it a bit evenly so the end you see was perfect medium and further in was a perfect medium rare.

  • yep this what I've got too. recommend.

    have also been using it to take my own temp during coronavirus paranoia

  • Interesting. Need to get me one of those pans. What temp in the ooni? 400 as the pan?

  • it was probably around the same ... i heated the ooni up first ... flame was prob medium high

  • Sizzler pans can be bought on ebay ect.. for around a £10er, although not quite as 'nice' as that ooni one ;)

  • Yeah I'm getting something second hand. Or if I'm feeling spendy I'll get Inga Sempes one­e-inga-sempe-C6-herringbone-griddle-pan

  • Are there Lodge retailers around you? They’ll likely have something too.

  • No retailers but a Swedish website. Spendy though!

    Cast iron is one of those things I struggle to spend on. Our best frying pan is my girlfriends grandmothers old one, prob from the 50s. They don't get any better and you can get them second hand for £5-£15 depending on luck and condition.

    I've bought a few new ones and they don't come near, think they need a few decades to get good.

  • Cast iron is easily reconditioned and reseasoned. YouTube is full of ways of doing that. Unless they are cracked, they can be brought back from the dead.

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