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  • has anyone used frozen fresh yeast? what's the thawing procedure? I read something about giving it 12h in the fridge before using?

    Anyone have any advice?

  • My parents/now my outdoor oven has been smashed up.

    Some people really are spiteful shit bags.

    So I am building another one, as a spite outdoor oven.

  • wtf?? how? that's awful

  • Yeah, fucking jealousy as my dad and I built it after brother left for university. A tree demolished it magically after it had been chopped down. Speaking to nieghbours, it was there till my mother went in to a home.

    EDIT but found a neighbour that wants one and we are going to build two, one here and one three doors up. Spent an hour chatting about bread, flour and sourdough. It was amazing for my state of mind.

  • Winning topping there.

  • When using fresh frozen yeast, (usually left in the freezer for more than 6 months, and probably closer to 12) I leave it the fridge to defrost and then when fully defrosted, add to some room temp water try to feed with some sugar to see how active it is.

  • Pizza triptych from Sunday

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  • Nice, I'd say number 2 pizza needs maor anchovy, maybe capers but would eat any and all of the three.

  • I had an open tin of anchovies with only 6 in but I did have some capers in the fridge. Dang

  • My Ooni Karu has just been despatched - was ordered at the end of April (just before my birthday 🙄). Sure it'll be worth the wait!

    I can't get hold of the gas burner attachment as they are all out of stock but I do need to source some fuel for now. Is standard charcoal ok with some wood lumps thrown in at the end?

    Also need a peel and a temperature sensor......

  • Peel from Lidl, £9.99

    Wood Pellets from plubcenter or B&M wood pellet cat litter 30l for £5

  • Ah more down to my love of anchovies...I have been known to have anchovies on toast.

  • Shouldn't any camping / building place have the gas burner attachment? It's a standard part

  • Gentleman's relish is a house favourite here

  • Definite yes to a peel - I have a bamboo one for putting the pizzas in (less likely to stick), and an aluminium one for turning/removal. Lidl were doing cheap alu peels last week, but I got mine from eBay for a tenner or so. For fuel I got a box of hardwood logs (ash and oak) delivered for £20 or so - sawed them in half, then split them to kindling size with a hatchet. When using charcoal I get it going in a chimney starter, then tip it into the Karu's grate to heat the oven, then add wood on top just before I put a pizza on. I wouldn't bother with a thermometer for pizza - just preheat it for 20 minutes and whack some wood on before each pizza and you'll be good. At some point I may get the gas attachment, but whilst tending the fire is more work, it's also part of the appeal.

  • Just whipped up a couple of pizzas from the big haul. I got carried away and put too much cheese on. I think I prefer buffalo mozzarella.

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  • Is anyone doing the pan method on induction? What pan are you using? New kitchen later this year and being able to still get a good pizza could be a deal breaker in switching from gas to induction. Current cast iron griddle won't work as has ribbed reversible side and am reading conflicting advice as to whether one should avoid uncoated cast iron on induction.

  • Yep, it works fine. I use uncoated cast iron on induction all the time. What's the reported problem with it?
    I've got a couple of lodge pans and a le crueset ribbed.

  • I have an induction hob and use a combination of enamelled cast iron, bare cast iron and stainless steel. It works great for about everything but really does favour HEAVY quality pans. Thick sided pans allow the heat to tranfser up and cook more akin to gas.

  • My Ooni Karu has arrived, but didn't get any warning so I don't have any pizza dough ready.

    I do however have two loaves of sourdough which will be ready to bake this afternoon.

    Should I fire up the Karu for baking bread? It looks big enough internally. Has anyone done this yet? @nefarious?

  • Don't tartine suggest their bread dough is fine for pizza? Is it sacrilidge to break one of the loaves down?

  • just get a quick dough ready. Will still be good.

    I assume bread would be fine as long as you have a lower temp than for pizza.

  • Dont spoil your first go with the Ooni. Start making some slow prove dough now, the weekend is upon us, make it yours.

  • When are you getting the change done?

    Can lend you an induction hob to try.

  • As far as I can tell, Bread is tricky in pizza ovens.
    I’d divide one of your loaves into dough balls and use those.

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