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  • Nowt wrong with pineapple on pizza; especially with ham it makes for the sweet-salty-umami trifecta.

    Don't the Swedes put bananas on pizza?

  • Pineapples belong on pizza even less than they belong in the memes thread.

  • I've just decided to have a ham and pineapple pizza for dinner.

    Looking forward to it already.

  • Fuck you.

  • Oh hey what's that oh it's pineapple on my delicious pizza the other day

  • Ham, pineapple and jalapenos I think

  • Enjoy it wearing your fluoro pink jacket and have a can of Fanta to fucking wash it down with you sick heretics.

  • Crate do a banana and dal pizza.

    It's really nice.

  • Bananas are just fucking wrong in any situation, I'm glad there's a fungus wiping the cunts from the face of the earth,at least pineapples have a place, it's just on gammon not pizza.

  • If your memory of the 80s doesn't make you vomit, you weren't there. :)

  • Add chicken for my bizarre custom pizza order that I ate for most of my 20s.

  • I went to Papa Johns the other night, no seafood pizza, by which I'm talking tuna prawns and the odd black olive. I think this speaks volumes about the scale of the operation and the can't be arsedness about fresh ingredients. The ham they use tastes very odd, it might well be infused with embalming fluid.

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