Thursday Night - Hour of Power

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  • more like do not pick up grimacing soggy expression

  • I didn't get a lunchbreak today and am running behind so getting to the park to time will be a squeeze. If anyone can get me a small bottle of chainlube I'll throw money at them and maybe buy them a beer at some stage in the future.
    Meh stress :(

  • will bring some finish line green lube if that's your thing.

  • pro winner! ta so much.

  • so no power?

    Nope. The only other bike I have built up at the moment is the bike I'll be racing on Sunday. I don't think I have the skills to avoid hitting a ped or one of your back wheels on 46x14 brakeless in Regents Park!

  • well an eventful evening! Old Skool, how you doing?

  • Yeah, hope the damage isn't too bad man.­

    Anyway, good measure of my fitness tonight, definitely need to work on the ride more, drink less plan over the next few weeks.

  • 65mph? Not bad...

  • Echo c.b's sentiments - so sorry that happened tonight and I hope you got home ok.

    Maybe time to reiterate a few things to those thinking of coming along:

    This is a fast and reasonably serious ride, that requires a reasonable level of fitness. The aim is to be inclusive, but there are a few things to be noted to ensure everything goes smoothly:

    • If you're not comfortable riding at 22mph for an hour, then this isn't for you. You're welcome to tag along but please peel off safely when you're beginning to flag. Not once you've blown up. This keeps things smooth.
    • If you're not comfortable riding in a group, this isn't the place to learn. Things can be reasonably tight, and reasonably fast. Circumstances change quickly, and you should be able to deal with this safely.
    • If you're not familiar with the bike, get to grips with it somewhere else. The middle of a bunch at 25mph isn't the place to realise that you're paralysed from the lower back down because of fit issues, isn't the place to forget pedalling when you're out on your first ride trying to get used to fixed, and definitely isn't the place to be riding brakeless for the first time.
    • If you've got legs hewn from granite and the stamina of an olympian you're more than welcome to shoot off the front in a display of awesome might, but please overtake safely and give whomever you pass plenty of room before you drift back in.
    • Please make sure your bike is roadworthy. Tyres, running gear and stopping mechanisms (plural).
      Sod your own welfare, if something goes wrong you can end up in a mangled wreck of spokes, oil, shredded flesh and broken bones. That's your own business. What is not on is putting those around you at risk.
    • This ride obeys the rules of the road. This includes stopping for reds and giving way where appropriate. You may not be in club kit, but you're still visible as a cyclist. Acting like a dick spoils it for the rest of us.

    This list will no doubt grow, but that's a good start. There are a few specific instances from tonight that these directly refer to, and some are things that haven't been said for a while. I'm not going to hammer the point home any more forcefully than that.

    Ride fast and stay safe, hopefully see some of you again next week.

  • ^Well put 6pt. After tonight I'll be wearing a helmet for this, probably should have started doing so sooner to be honest.

    Plus I'll be one step closer to being aero!

  • sounds fun...wish i was closer.

  • It's no place for chaingangs, period; let alone in the rush hour. You're never going to be able to apply the usual group ride protocol and make it stick week in week out.

    Inevitably, accidents have increased due to rider density (deliberate ambiguity there) as soon as Eastway was cast aside in preparation for the Olympics. Competitive inner city riders have ended up having to use the place far more than they'd like to to get a few tempo miles done.

    Regents Park has its place as a training 'venue', but chaingangs during the rush hour are just courting disaster.

  • It's all being resolved very amicably, so would appreciate no further mention of it on the thread to keep it private/discreet and so on. No need to start a debate over what happened, it just did, and it's getting sorted.

    Other than that i'm ok, reckon i'll have a corker of a bruise where my coxix took the impact through the nose of the saddle. Ouch.

  • ok so no chaingangs. what is the format then? group ride at fast pace? why would anyone want to lead that for an hour? (whilst others enjoy less drag, that is)

  • ^silly comment? maybe. But I just can't see a disorganised group of speed-addicts being safer than a group with a system

  • Everyone knows winners train alone.

    So do losers but just shutup alright!

  • Chaingangs, big groups, whatever. People who are desperate to 'stay on' ride as if with diminished responsibility at junctions, lights, and pinch-points around that place when better judgement - *any *judgement - would suggest they shouldn't.

    The whole scenario would be an accident waiting to happen, were it not for the fact that all the accidents do happen; with increasing regularity. There's a reason why the longstanding group rides that use the place have always been scheduled before the morning rush hour, or after the evening one. That reason is common sense.

  • 3pm is usually a good time to go round. Even lunch time on the weekends seem to be better than at 6:30 on work days.

  • Today was actually quieter than usual in terms of motorised traffic, I felt.

  • with increasing regularity

    what are the cyclist but also non-cyclist related reasons? just more inexperienced people showing up and more traffic?

    surely common sense > need4speed

  • A lot of people, whatever mode of transport they happen to be using, put their brains into stasis during the rush hour. It's a form of mass hysteria. There's a lot of unpredictability, and throwing yourself past the same high risk spots in a short space of time is doing nothing for your odds. The recentish change in road design hasn't helped (more pinch-points), the number of cyclists has increased, the number of cyclists who are inexperienced at group-riding / pseudo-racing / the handling characteristics of racing bicycles has also increased. Congestion's on the rise again, and a lot of impatient and disgruntled cagers use it as an occasional rat-run when things get fucked on the Marylebone Rd. It's tourist central. It's international student central. Visibility is poor on the SE corner. Footpaths spew people across the road at random spots, again with poor visibility as they suddenly appear from behind a hedge and step straight across relatively narrow pavements. There are a lot of private hire taxis in the area. Strava. Etc.

  • Strava.
    I stopped logging urban miles after RH2BE for this exact reason.

  • Bringmemyfix I am not trying to call you out but you are making a lot of unsubstantiated claims, some evidence of what you are saying would be good otherwise this just the same as any old internat rant.

  • Well, the road layout has changed (I don't have photos of pre-pinchpoint days), there are shitloads more cyclists using it for training at any given time, but especially during the rush hour (my phone could't record video in the 90s and early 2000s, mainly because it was plugged into a wall at home), and I've seen ambulances in attendance, and people either writhing or static on the ground at least once a month during high season for the past few years, plus read more reports of similar incidents. Also loads more dick moves.

    Call it a rant if you want. Best of luck with your dangerous and ineffectual rush-hour training.

  • Have to agree that it's not a great place to train in a group. That said, it's not a great place to train on your own either in rush hour (or anywhere near it).

    I use it a lot for my midweek rides as it's a 10 minute spin from my house, but I do try to make sure I'm there pre 5 o'clock, post 7, or early in the morning. There are so many people there who haven't got a fucking clue what they're doing I end up riding much harder than I plan to often - just to get myself out of 'the mix'... problem is that some chumps view that as a challenge, hanging onto your back wheel, without a clue what hand signals mean and nearly riding into the back of me because I actually stop for red lights (club kit..) and they're too busy chewing the bartape to notice.

    I'm not blowing my own trumpet, I'm very well aware that there are many people on here and out there a great deal faster than me, but people trying to ride at a pace above which they are comfortable in rush hour is a recipe for disaster. Strava doesn't help either - people jumping out on the zoo sprint and all that other bollocks is a nightmare.. at least I know it might be coming, drivers don't have a clue - nor should they.

    Fwiw - I wouldn't bother questioning what bmmf is saying, it makes perfect sense if you think about it. Besides, he is almost always right and has been riding harder/longer/faster for longer than 99.9% of the people on this forum.

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Thursday Night - Hour of Power

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