I've never 'got'

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  • Can’t say for pronunciation, but different names for herbs and plants usually comes from America often adopting the name from a different root language. Cilantro being the Spanish for Coriander for example.

  • I think that for both that's what they were called first; chips/fries are apparently a Belgian invention and crisps/chips are Usonian.

  • Try a fortnightly rota and watch their heads explode.

  • All my American colleagues love me for introducing them to fortnightly. No more spending days fretting over whether that bi-weekly report needs to be done twice a week, or every other week.

    And when they say "every other week" my mind boggles at why they knew this phrase but have not been saying that for the avoidance of doubt this whole time.

  • Nigel Slater.

  • I used to have this weird dream about him.

    It was set on-set where all his recepies were made up in the sense that he simply DGaF what odd combos he was putting together and knew full well it would taste like shit.

    When nervous production assistants or crew would query it, he'd just charmingly bat it off claiming that no one who watches it ever cooks and they all lap that shit up.

  • I've got form for these odd TV-based dreams.

    I used to have a dream where I told patrick kielty that he wasn't funny whilst in the studio audience. He would then confidently try and put me down by asking the rest of audience their view.

    A long awkward silence would follow, and he would slowly realise no one liked him or found him funny. I'd try and soften the blow but it just made it worse and I'd feel excruciatingly guilty until I woke up.

  • Nigel Slater.

    Oh man, I cannot stand him! Even his writing, I just want to to scream.......

  • i've not really read anything of his - it's mostly the the basement with the boy with the cream and the what have you thing that bothers me the most.

  • iirc he was abused as a kid

  • Grilled awks on sourdough toast with an ooops dressing.

  • still having it.

  • Is there something I'm missing?

    Your comment comes over as homophobic, and highly judging of someone else's character. If you think he's a bad chef, presenter, writer or whatever than fair... but an ad-hominem attack on a person from what appears to be hate fuelled thinking isn't going to be one I condone on the forum.

    You're basically near the bottom of this, and it's not a good look:

  • it's not exactly a serious thread and the comment was made in the spirit thereof.

    jesus, take a day off.

  • Hated him since I heard him interviewing Chas (and Dave) Hodges .
    Chas was telling anecdotes about session work with The Beatles and Kiltey kept interrupting trying to top the story.
    I don’t even like The Beatles but thought what an irritating little runt kielty was.

  • I have no sense of humour and can't take a day off.

    This was reported to me which means I then have to actually get involved.

    My replying is my choosing not to delete and ban instantly... but to give you a chance to reflect and perhaps edit your post. Please do take that opportunity.

    My replying also does say to those reporting it "I see it" and to others reading it "this isn't tolerated".

  • happy?

  • Sure.

    I mean... vague and weird still. But whatever, as the post isn't what it was then sure.

  • I had a story about Slater from a mate who’s a cameraman but I can probably no longer tell it given what’s happened up thread.

  • Just bear in mind the usual... you're responsible for what you say and the internet is not anonymous. If something's reported to me then I have 48 hours to address it otherwise I'm responsible for what you say. That last bit is me going nah and why I will nuke things reported to me, or give people a chance to self-moderate.

    Anything potentially hate based, homophobic, slanderous, etc... if it's reported to me I do have to act to reduce my own liability.

  • It’s not homophobic but it’s definitely libellous so I’m going to give David a break.

  • No. Way worse.

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I've never 'got'

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