I've never 'got'

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  • Your Old Man

    = your penis.
    This is getting confusing.

  • I feared this might happen :)

  • I was brought up in a house with two aspirational working class parents

    so was I - I think they were a bit disappointed.

  • Takes one to know one.

    My dad stopped taking me to the football because ‘no one who goes to the football has a good job’.

    I am Jack’s immasculated, directionless office worker.

  • Still. Could be worse. We could be one of those middle-class-wannabe-upper-middle-class fucktards who call dinner [tea] supper.

  • You calling my fish supper wannabe-upper-middle-class pal?

  • ffs people, dinner even has its own attire

  • Look out, guys, Little Lord Fauntleroy has shown up...

  • Tea is a light meal or a children's meal eaten late afternoon or very early evening. A proper evening meal is dinner. HTH. FACT.

    Settee and lounge are both acceptable, but sofa and living room or recption room are better.

    If you say "pudding" you are saying that the choice is some stodgy, heavy shitty british crap, whereas "dessert" encompasses nice sweet things like ice cream and cheesecake as well.

    Spoken like a sarff.
    Acceptable, better, according to who?

    Having pudding for tea tonight on my settee in our lounge, in front of the telly.

    A TVT.

  • Sorry, ethnoinsensitive of me. Foreign cultures such as Scotch and Northern clearly have different uses.

  • Dancing James calls it supper

    Case closed

  • ^Careful guys, expect a cease & desist PM shortly.

  • I thought he called it cinio these days.

  • Brunch. Avocado and poached egg on toast with black pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

  • Dabbing.
    I don't understand.

  • I don't think anyone does

  • Can’t all the dinner/tea and living room/lounge and napkin/serviette and sofa/settee people just put aside their differences and unite against those degenerates that hold their knives like pens?

  • It was a way to hit a bong apparently.

  • Wish my arm pit was a bong

  • Im from leeds.
    I dont mind the friendly but when the friendly turns to scorn and "wanker" when I dont reciprocate I am at a loss.

  • Breakfast
    Elevensies (much maligned these days imo)
    Brunch (only if one isn't up in time for the first two)
    Dinner (followed by, the 'sweet' not dessert as some would have it. Pudding is reserved for the holy of holy, stodgy heavy things that are served with god's nectar aka custard.)
    Midnight snack

    Living Room has the television in, drawing room has the books and is to be used after dinner or for entertaining.

    That being said it all goes straight out the window as soon as you're in someone elses home as they decide the ground rules and it's their house so they know best.
    My girlfriend is from North Yorkshire and good luck telling her when tea is.

  • Elevenses doesn't have an i in it, surely?

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I've never 'got'

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