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  • Not quite my tempo

  • Also I'm not trying to start an argument here either.

    Yeah I get it, I browse the forum and this one feels like a rabbit hole without much data on users to go on or much for me to gain in discussing. Time to homerbush.gif on this one, especially seeing 1,000 posts on the TR in under 24 hours ha

  • Something spiteful I'd imagine

  • that is an excellent plan

  • Just great!

  • Good job!


  • Forgive me

  • So plenty of pro's do plenty of tempo or even SS, but polarised says you do either Z1 or Z3. So I don't understand why this study is relevant to my point about copying pro training (which clearly I think we shouldn't).

  • Chad is leaving the company due to his partner taking a job somewhere else in the country... or maybe he just had a heads up the vid was going to drop and was trying to get ahead of the curve.

  • Why is someone messing around with my (admittedly limited) understanding of training zones by changing it from six zones to three.

  • I'm with spinout. TR is a great resource. Prob does make majority of people faster, prob does lead to some people struggling. There's element to consider outside of the plan.
    I use the workouts to build my own training plan based on what i know and understand of my own physiology, what I can absorb, how fatigue builds and how i need to recover and what I need to have in a plan to help me move forward. Some of these things I've learnt from going too hard or not hard enough. It's an OTP service, can always be adapted to fit the rider.

  • There's 5. Anything else is a lie.

  • I PB'd my 12hr TT after doing TR workouts all year. Problem is: would I have gone faster if I'd done my usual training? Maybe. Who fucking knows. Try shit, if it doesn't work, try something else.

    I'm trying HIIT and fasted training again and it sucks dick so I think I'll probably just go back to riding my bike and maybe throw in some SS stuff again. We'll see.

  • Are you doing the HIIT stuff fasted? I’m doing the 16:8 diet and tend to do my workouts before I start eating for the day.

    I suspect I’d find them easier (in RPE terms) if I’d had something to eat but I’m losing weight and that’s the main thing.

  • So plenty of pro's do plenty of tempo or even SS

    I was under the impression pros do a very low % of their training at tempo or SS.

  • Some of them I was.

    I'm putting on weight though. But that's probably more likely stress -> increased drinking + less shits given about diet. Doing longer, easier rides with the first 2hrs fasted is easier, nicer than the turbo stuff. Like today, I'm supposed to be doing 12 x 5s sprints but I'm going to go and ride a road/dirt loop because I can't be fucked doing sprints.

  • Your most beneficial training session?

    The thing I like doing most, and I do it in a lot of different ways, is to find a mediocre climb — a standard British climb, if you will — and ride it at below threshold. I find it brings me on the most. It’s sweetspot riding; those efforts where there isn’t huge stress put on the body but you get a lot from it. I tweak it and add some pace variation in, too.

    Guess who?

    I agree it'll be a low % most of the time but certain phases, Tempo seems to be used way more than you'd expect. Even Keegan Swenson said on his most recent TR podcast that if he can do his endurance ride as a tempo ride and therefore reduce his time on bike, he does.

  • Is it Tao?

    I'd expect GT riders to do some in build.

  • How on earth is anybody getting through the Trainerroad mid volume plans, let alone high volume.

    I’ve just done a kind of simulation out of interest and ended up at 352 TSS for the week, which is a few TSS lower than their rolling road race plan on average and I’m a shell. My legs don’t even ache, they just feel horribly backed up and lifeless.

    It was made up of alternative hard and recovery rides similar to their plans and that’s on the back of a consistent training since Christmas. I’m not hugely fit at the moment but I’m used to biggish training volumes of 600 TSS a week from years gone by.

    I’ve slept well and recovered well. No weird heart rate issues.

  • Race across a couple of continents for the previous 4 years. Base, how low can you go.

    Also, if you know you're tired. Skip a frickin workout!

  • Aye it’s the base fitness that is lacking I fear.

  • went outside lads. it were reet hard

  • here be dragons

  • Seems very apt (although I do appreciate the advice on this forum).

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  • Is that Han Solo?

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Cycling Fitness / Training Advice

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