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  • The other good thing I hadn’t anticipated about TR is the coaching or gives you on form during workouts. I’m finding that valuable, too.

  • Has anyone actually improved their ftp on the road after Zwifting

  • Yes. It’s structured training after all.
    You can create the trainer road workouts as custom workouts, so there is no reason you can’t get identical results to that of you so wished.

  • even with the unstructured stuff (like the ‘races’ and club rides), they’re so intense they’d surely make you rapid in no time

  • before I got on zwift I thought my max HR was 191. I was quickly disabused of that notion when I spiked to 202 a couple of weeks ago chasing someone ‘up’ a ‘hill’

  • I dont doubt that , but having only just returned to turbo training again all i want to see is power improvement. As much as possible.

  • If you are doing structured training only on zwift; why bother with zwift? Why not TR?

  • all i want to see is power improvement.

    At threshold?

  • Because looking at something that’s not a graph, and levelling up, achievements, a customisation shop is a bit more interesting than TR, particularly at the same price.

  • A general ramble on indoor vs outdoor hours.

    Spent most of 2020 over reaching, ending up fatigued and in a hole. Despite years of commuting 8-10 hours a week pre-lockdown, shifting to the turbo for 6-8 hours per week was crushing. Only I didn't really notice until late summer when outdoor groups rides were OK and it was too late.

    To switch things up (after several months of easy riding and resting - some enforced after a crash), have started running. I've just finished 6 weeks of TR Olympic Tri Mid Volume, minus that swimming stuff. It is basically Low Volume bike + steady running and has led to a nice little FTP bump - a nice bonus in a base phase.

    Have a good feeling that doing 3 high quality bikes session per week + 3 cross training sessions might put me in a better place on the bike. I'll quote this in a few months when the wheels fall off.

  • I've been bouncing from sprain to sprain (wrist, the other wrist, then plantar fasciitis, and now lower back) at the moment and it occured to me it might be due to excessive indoor training, and a lack of outdoors and strength work. Has anyone got a good 5/10 minute stretching routine I could do in the mornings to see if that affects a change?

  • I'd normally just find stretches to target the specific issues. But for some general stuff we've been doing these in the mornings:­uery=kassandra+morning+yoga

    She does a month of 10min yoga routines.

  • thanks, appreciated.

    Also spotted this on British Cycling so might give that a go too­kdM&feature=emb_title

    Never used to have to do anything like this. Must be getting old

  • Must be getting old


  • how many push ups can you do? (good form)

  • Any success stories at increasing power in TT position? I use WKO and my threshold is pretty stable, am just trying to close the gap at long intervals, say 1x45, 1x60.

    Done a load of Tempo/SS and so planning above threshold stuff for a few months but other than Over Unders, I dunno what to do. 4x8's? 5x5's? And keep a long interval session in each week?

  • Core work.
    Posterior chain work.
    Over geared work.

    I always found just racing in position too was good. Plus actually being on road and not the turbo.

    Plus could always change position, see if you can get more power.

  • I've managed to get my on the hoods to full shrugged tt difference down to less than 10w for longer efforts from nearly 30 by mostly doing my long ride 2-3 hrs with a threshold finish building from 20 mins to finish 2 hrs to 30 mins to finish 3 the whole ride in tt position (i do mainly longer tts though) . Any z5 intervals you do as part of your plan anyway doing them in tt position as well will help. The more time spent putting out power whilst folded in half the more you body will get used to it. Under geared high cadence drills were good for me. I produce my best power at a high (100-105) though. And do as much as you can on the road as i tend to look down when I'm working really hard on the watt bike so need to train those neck muscles for looking down the road as well. There is a lot of you can do with setup and position to help as well but do one thing at a time and allow time to adapt to each adjustment before moving on to something else. All takes time unfortunately but work hard and be patient and you'll get there.

  • After the joy of setting a new, best-ever FTP value (only by 2 watts, I think, but still), I've suffered the rest of the week feeling my workouts are utterly crushing.

    TBH it has been a while since I've seen a reasonable rise in FTP. I just checked TrainingPeaks and I only did 2 x FTP tests in the whole of 2020 (because Coronavirus, so very few races other than hillclimb season).

    I took a few months away from structured training from November, and only started back up really at the end of December. When I did that I just guesstimated my FTP as 5% less than where I had been in October. Workouts were feeling good, I was consistently able to complete them with really good adherence.

    Then on Monday I did an FTP test (20 minute standard protocol, as I always do), and saw a 15% increase versus my previously-estimated FTP. Since then I've done a 2x20 SS, an over-under, and a 3x10 mins of 15 second microburst interval sessions. The over-under session today nearly broke me mentally, and I just wasn't able to hit the target wattage on the "under" intervals. The other 2 were okay, but felt very close to the limit of what I could do, which I'm not used to for 2x20 SS.

    The increase in FTP I think is mainly due to a new routine of strengthening I started back in December. My legs and core are noticeably more muscular. However, as a result I weigh a bit more than I used to, so my watts/kg at estimated FTP is close to, but not quite as high as my previous highest value, which was in the summer of 2019.

    I'm looking for some internet opinions, obviously. Is this just normal to suffer this much following a decent increase in FTP, but it's been so long that I've forgotten the feeling? Is this just a shock to my body after 4 weeks of doing workouts where I had underestimated my FTP? Should I reduce my FTP by 10W, do another 4 weeks, and then re-test? Or something else I hadn't thought of?

  • Is this just normal to suffer this much following a decent increase in FTP

    In my experience, yes. I’ve always wondered if it’s partly psychological, seeing those higher target watts leads to some self doubt and that combined with the much higher RPE can cause me to struggle. Keep with it and if you’re still not hitting them after a couple of weeks, maybe revaluate?

    EDIT - Were you very fresh going into that test? I’ve had that before and hit numbers that I’d struggle to otherwise.

  • Also over-unders are a bloddy nightmare whatever your ftp is

  • Does anyone have any tips or links for basic cycling strength workouts?

    Something that'll require no more equipment than using bodyweight and dumbbells because locklown.

    I've always done yoga and squats. My mobility is pretty good - but I'm utterly clueless about strength stuff.

  • Cheers, was hoping you'd respond!

    I feel on top of core and flexibility, but do very little in terms of cadence/over geared, never even gave it any thought. Do you mean hard starts or just low cadence and high torque intervals, and if so in what zones?

    I did a bunch of my long endurance rides outside on the TT bike Oct-Dec in which I did any kind of effort in a big gear to stimulate some strength requirement, but that's it.

    Actual racing, what's that again?

  • Did you do the five min clearing effort before your 20 min test?

    It’s easy to set a number that’s not representative otherwise.

    Dropping your FTP by five or 10 watts won’t do your training any harm.

    What are you training for? I wouldn’t do those microbursts on the trainer unless I was ~four weeks out from a race.

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Cycling Fitness / Training Advice

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