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  • I can associate to that, using trainer road really suited that element for me. Luckily I had and still do have a lot else going on with two little ones, otherwise I could see it being very addictive for me.

  • I’m no longer a 40-something, but I found them hard but manageable.

    I’ve sacked them off now as I can’t be arsed doing intervals any more.

  • Not if the 120% is based on a reasonably accurate indoor ftp.

  • Hmm, a bit lumpy but not like "hilly". I'm not sure why they're so bothered about W/kg unless they're factoring in run performance? W/Cda should be more useful, but perhaps they've got data on heavier guys struggling in the run? Dunno, I'm not going to start ironmans just to prove them wrong.

  • 76kg @ 200cm

    That's just bone onto saddle. You must love the cold.

  • Hmm, all the drills from 90-105% I'm fine with and if I knock them back to 115% I seem to be OK, so it's just that last 5% that's an issue.

  • Have you been doing regular sessions at this intensity for a while? Or is this a recent thing?

    I find it takes me a couple of weeks of working at that intensity to get the system firing.

  • You spend the interval time muscle training now?

  • I'd often start with "last year's" FTP and struggle so I'd just tune the workout down a few percent until I could nail it but I guess that's a bit more difficult with VO2s although they're still long enough you could start and (assuming you have mouse/kb handy) drop them down when you start to tie up.
    Is the limiter your legs or CV at the moment do you think?
    Have you tried caffeine or a pre-workout 30min before session?
    Have you got motivating music on?
    Are there any distractions stopping you from getting focused on the intervals?

  • training on turbo makes me faster on turbo

    The Zwift Olympics awaits you...

  • Fuck Zwift. Their ads >>>

    I like using Trainer Road but I'm still gonna need to put some miles in outside eventually.

  • I'm a 40-something and have noticed that intervals above FTP seem disproportionately difficult.

    Not TR, but at the moment I can manage ~265W avg over 45 mins without pushing myself into the red, so my FTP is presumably something around that. Anything >300W feels like hard work after 2 mins. Don't think I could do many intervals at 320, should probably give it a go.

  • Isn’t the bigger question for @dubtap this? If you’re not racing why the fuck are you doing vo2 max intervals?

  • I stopped asking why people not racing were training/testing ftp/buying powermeters a while ago. If hitting some arbitrary number makes you happy or it means you beat your mate on a strava segment, have at it.

  • First session after Ramp wasn't actually bad. Of course now I do have a full on cold so that's awesome but I had a fear that with a 20W bump sweetspot was suddenly going feel more like threshold.

  • I feel better for being fitter. I like seeing some numbers to confirm it.

  • @Brun
    If you feel better when you're fit why do you need numbers to tell you you feel better? :)

  • Ok, it's the other way round. I feel better because I have the numbers telling me I'm fitter.

  • So, when your PM is out of calibration you feel fitter? Lucky. :P

    I'm really not bothered - the more people that buy powermeters the cheaper they get for me. So everyone, knock yourselves out, put PMs on all your bikes! No power data, no ride! ;)

  • To drop Brave on the OKR?

  • That’s easy, just attack @Brave when he’s passing a reflective shop window.

  • That is my weak spot.

  • With good reason.

  • Stop (don’t stop).

  • Ok, so I'm not actually fussed about HRM data anymore, but seeing as I've spent money buying the fucking monitors, I wouldn't mind if they worked once in a while. I've tried Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, swapped fresh batteries, wet the electrodes with spit, water, electrode gel. It does it regardless of inside or outside, Bluetooth or ANT+, jersey or no jersey. It basically just registers my HR and then flatlines at a value forever.

    The only thing I can think of is that I have a slight arrhythmia, which might be confusing the sensor. Any ideas?

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Cycling Fitness / Training Advice

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