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  • 363W is the technical NP. Not sure what the 335W is. But itll be an adaption of normalized power as the program use using wont be licensing coggans formulae.

    I'd say its around 330W or a little over, but a few watts here or there wont matter either way.

  • Why? He's done an hour's hard race, there is no need to approximate. He has good data.

  • He hadn’t mentioned it was a cross race before, so more likely to be working at his limits for the hour.

    I had assumed crit racing, where unless in a solo breakaway from the start, unlikely to show representative data.

  • Who’s using HRV? I remember looking into it a few years back after @scherrit recommended it to judge recovery. At the time it wasn’t the cheapest/easiest thing to try. Have things moved on since?

  • I’m sure a 20 min test is less likely to make you want to puke than a cross race.

  • I have been for a couple of years. I'm going to stop. It doesn't tell me anything I don't know and does things like says I'm fresh after racing TCR or something. So, it might be useful for some people but not so much for me.

  • Interesting. Thanks

  • I have tracked it, found it pretty meaningless for me.
    Rating my perception on tiredness and fatigue out of 10 has a better correlation with how I actually am.

  • Did you get weird values? I'd get low values after a night on the piss which makes sense as my RHR would be like 90 when I woke up! But the day after races it'd say I was fine even when I was fucked and it would only be two days after it would read low. I guess once you know the patterns it makes more sense but I didn't find it added any value to what I already felt. I don't need HR to tell me I can barely walk..

  • Sounds like it’s not worth the effort. Thanks both

  • Yeah weird values, sometimes they would make sense in their magnitude, but others it'd be off so pretty redundant measure for me.

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Cycling Fitness / Training Advice

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