Measuring caliper brake "drop"

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  • Dear LFGSS

    How exactly do I measure the drop of a brake caliper? Do I measure from the centre of the bolt to the brake pad?

    I have shite centre pulls which I need to replace with something that actually works, so currently trying to work out which deep drop caliper is deep enough.

    Spank you v much, Zed.

  • I thought it was centre of bolt to centre of the slot the pad goes through. If only to get a rough idea of how deep is needed.

    "This is measured from the centerline of the center bolt diagonally down to the middle of the brake shoe."

    Well there you go.

  • Not much in it, really, hippy.
    Vedster this one's decent, Shimano R650, if it'll fit, the reach is from 47-57 I do believe.

  • I could not find that on sheldon. Cheers dudes.

  • Aaaah. Reach. I was searching for drop.

    Back to the garage wiv the ruler then.

  • 70mm!

  • jeebus


  • Or this tektro one is probably better, R556G

  • ^ Skully: I ran those Shimano on the Ribble and now on the Kinesis. They do well.

  • Which, the Shimano?

    Yep i think it's great, I don't like the plastic adjuster but meh ...

  • Cheers Skullfresh. Those rivendell ones are nice. Probs hit up sjs they have loads of tektro stuff.

  • LBS first!

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  • pigs arse hippy.

    spam in context.

  • Oh, and lmgtfy ;P

    "I might get to fuck you?"?

  • pigs arse hippy.
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  • Im not arguing... Im telling you how it is.

    Buy my wheels.

  • No invisible mangoat tells me how it is. You don't even exist ffs.

  • You still have the calipers Balks?

  • I measured them wrong :/

    have massive ones - WAC

  • yeah, still got em... want Z?

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Measuring caliper brake "drop"

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