Welcome ladies!

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  • All, come to drinks on Thursday!?!!

  • Bump!

    LFGSS Ladies Drinks - 28 August 2014 6pm
    Location: Look Mum No Hands Pop-Up on Southbank.

  • Hi all, you may have seen it over in the main forum, but I'd really like to make sure we can have an amazing women's representation, and you guys are already far more organised than the rest of us, so if you have any input for https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2544­94/
    That'd be great.
    I'd be lying if I said it was anything apart from jealousy at the BMX day that made me start the thread...

  • Hey ladies,
    So i know none of you really seem to be using this thread anymore, HOWEVER...
    I just read the first few posts and thought I would say hi. I joined the site earlier this week and so far haven't managed to get a response from anyone, so don't leave me hanging.

    I'm Imogen, been riding for just over 2 years now. I go into bikes, mainly because of my man, he's a lovely mess of a courier, and it was a case of ride or bus it alone everywhere.

    Shortly after getting my beautiful hunk of harry hall steel I became addicted. I now ride everywhere, race the boys at every opportunity and generally have fun on my bike.

    I would love to meet some more girls to ride with though, I have to say I'm getting a little bored of being the girl in amongst a pack of courier lads. At the same time, I'm also a photographer and since getting my proper 9-5 I get very little time to shoot. I would love to meet up and photograph some of you lovely girls some time riding around town.

    That and beer, beer is always good.

  • Actually being as you used to be on the road @!Nhattattack! , you may know Hugh (huggie/guy in green socks/88)

  • I joined the site earlier this week and so far haven't managed to get a response from anyone, so don't leave me hanging.

    They're a tough crowd out there.

    Next ladies' beers are on the 4th December, as far as I can make out, and there seems to be a lively "let's go out for a ride" culture developing in the Ladies' Rides thread, too, so you should have a good amount of choice.

  • Hey yeah hi welcome, tonight, let's go for a ride!
    (sorry last min updates on threads etc!)


  • I'm new to this ladies forum! Not so new to (LFGSS in general - selling bit, etc) and look forward to participating in anything you have going!

    Greetings! :D

  • Yeah welcome!

    We've got this London City ride thing starting up http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/25872­9/
    ALL ladies welcome, any bikes, abilities.
    We're riding in the city, we're doing things by the book so it's likely we'll be relatively slow due to lights, peds and other obstacles!
    Come along if you fancy it.

  • Hello ladies, new and old.
    We got a video project happening and would love for anyone, anyone! to join.
    Check out the fb also where we are coordinating the filming. http://www.lfgss.com/comments/12566332/
    Currently we are in pre-filming stages with scenes already been decided on.
    So come join, and be a part of something fun!

  • Hi ladies! I am an italian girl going to London for a semester of exchange through my university. I would love to cycle in London because that's my passion and that is what I usually do in Italy. Could someone of you kindly give me more info about the community? Do you usually meet? :) thank you!

  • Yo!
    Just wanna introduce myself to the forum, I'm a single speed rider chick from Swansea, Wales! I have been riding for 2 years now and cycling has become my love!
    I mainly started out as a commuter to University or whatever and back, but now I like to go for rides all the time! Especially fast! :-D

    here is my current ride - Fairdale coaster.

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    • 12115773_10204873757031267_8766038822758881932_n.jpg
  • Any ladies in Northern Ireland?

    If so let me know I'm in Belfast :)

  • Heya just an introduction. I'm Orla, i'm an off roady type girl who also enjoys the road as long as i'm going quickly. I like things with engines to, my parameters are mostly just it has to be on two wheels, but i'm running two single speeds at the moment. and for a while i've been a huge fan of the one gear thing. I'd love to chat/meet new folks/ride with people. Over the top amounts of bike snaps all end up on my insta @motordyke so feel free to check that out. I look forward to my foray into this corner of the internet.

  • Hi all,
    I was locked out of my account a few years ago, and hadn't had the time or interest to sort it out. But I am thrilled to be back on the forum, I've missed you all.

    I'm now the program director at a non-profit bike shop in a small town in the PNW of the USA. I coach the youth MTB team, and I don't own a sweet fixie.

  • I don't own a sweet fixie


  • I've been called worse by better.

  • Great to see you back!

  • Welcome back, Nhatt!

    E-mail/PM @Velocio with your current e-mail address and ask him to give you your old account back.

    You could try a bitter or sour fixie next time?

  • If any newbies are interested in a social ride....

  • Hello all, I'm new here. Just saying hi! x

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Welcome ladies!

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