Welcome ladies!

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  • Hi everyone

  • Hi there

  • Bonjour Ladies,
    I've been reading quite a bit, then registered after going to Mands' wards of London.
    So it felt like now is about time to say hello :-)

    Got bitten by the cycling bug when I moved to London a year ago. I found out that public transport is my least favourite thing ever, even worse than sea food for breakfast.
    So I bought a fally-appart bike of gumtree.
    Had to fix bits and pieces on the way and next thing I knew, the bike was called Robsheska and I loved her more than most living things I ever crossed.
    The frame is now the last original bit on the build, but I won't give that away for all the gold in the world. She made one and a half new buddies on the way - and I'm happier on two wheels than I ever was on my two feet.

    There you go, I got a bit overly excited again :-)
    Looking forward to meeting you !

  • Hi Ecunard and other ladies, come for drinks, we're meeting tomorrow: http://www.lfgss.com/thread116449-3.html­

  • Hey! Thanks for coming on the ride. So you're Mrs Spotter? (not that I'm demoting you to being the mrs of a bloke, but putting the pieces together!)
    Welcome and come to drinks! (see thread!)
    This applies to anyone wanting to.

  • Yep, you've got the right pieces.
    Sadly tomorrow is impossible for me - but next one will sure do !

  • Welcome Ecunard and yes, please do come to ladies drinks.

  • Oh hello, it all makes sense now the pieces have come together haha, definitely come for drinks soon!

  • Hello :)

  • Hi everyone :)

  • Welcome montron/SabsM.

  • Thought I finally get more active on the site and finally say. . . . 'Hi' sillywave

  • ^sillier wave back at you.

    Welcome HannahE, Montron, SabsM,

    Hope to meet you soon xxx

  • Hello. From another newbie. X

  • Hello, I'm new here too... I would be interested in meeting people for leisurely rides. I live in SE London and currently ride a Charge Hob.

  • Hello! I introduced myself ont eh general thread, just discovered the ladies section! I am an Irish lady, recent track person (only since March) and totally and utterly hooked! I am on a rental bike at the moment, but racing was going far better than it had any right to, (bar the last few weeks. I think I had a big portion of beginners luck!) still loving it. Well apart from the hideous saddle. It's a major pain in the…yeah. Can;t wait to get my own track bike!

    waves :D

  • Hello Nee - no idea how tall you are of course but Poots is selling her track bike: https://www.lfgss.com/post4280691-391.ht­ml

  • Argh too small. I am 5'10", I have a 34" leg so it wouldn't fit :( I feel comfyist on a 55/56 but I race on a 54 because I bonded with it! (Geoffrey. No one else sees his potential :D)

  • Ha! My polo mallet was called Geoff :D

    And yo! Welcome!

  • Names make them faster, fact! I name them all. I really shouldn't. At least I should tell people it's the bike I am talking about. Other wise explaining who Benny/Henri/Geoffrey/Rosalind/Daisy are makes me sound even madder than I actually am. Possibly!

  • You need to talk to them for maximum effect.

  • Mine have names. Tiny Tim is my Hewitt, aptly named due to 650 wheels. And the Isla is Mean Machine as it doesn't look like a girls bike and looks a bit mean!

  • Oh I chat away to them too. I do look like a crazy women. Even before I start talking to them :o
    I am glad I am not alone, I get slagged for it on track. I keep telling them it makes the bikes faster. They have yet to listen...

  • Hiya Ladies,

    I thought I should say hello to you all - I am new here. Mostly do road riding with Islington CC but ride a Single Speed the rest of the time. I'm also considering stepping up to do a spot of racing next year, so all advice on that front graciously welcomed. It would be great to meet some of you at your next drinks sometime in the near future. xx

  • Yay to next drinks! Def come!

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Welcome ladies!

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