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  • WTF?! That is too funny... and sick. Oh dear.

  • my first gif!

  • Well done, you converted a video using a free online gif creator.

  • I like to think he's shouting at riders on the tour telling them to stay on the left

  • Thought Keanu was a gif... stared at him for ages.... now I feel stupid.

  • :D

    What if... /keanu face.

  • Resisting sexy comment

  • Good head based?

  • I think the bit, right at the end, where she realizes that she could well be flashing her gusset at the ladies sat behind her and move her hands to cover it is quite amusing.

  • ^^ Yes, or something along those lines.

  • If you don't know what this is from, you're missing out

  • If you don't know what this is from, you're missing out

    Back this Sunday and can't wait.

  • What is it? Been looking for new shows to watch.

  • Breaking bad.

  • OK saw the first two seasons then lost track. Have season three ready to go on my HDD may have to get re-acquainted.

  • I'm going to wait for the final season to end, or at least get a few episodes in, and hope I don't come across any spoilers.

  • All of Breaking Bad is available here:


    As are most series.

  • Will!

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