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  • 1 tablespoon milled flaxseed (for omega-3)

    Been reading up on this, and apparently the bio-availability of omega-3 from plant sources is pretty shit. (i.e. your body can't absorb much/any of it)

  • Same thing happened to me when i worked abroad for several months. the good news if you didn't worry about your weight before, just stopping the chips/restuarant food will make a major difference.
    Using myfitnesspal for a few months and working out what calories make up food you cook and gets you realising how much food you can eat if you use certain vegetables instead of high carb potatoes/pasta.

  • Two week beer, pancake and bbq tour of the US west coast... I'm not going to bother looking at the scales for a month.

  • Unfair, you were already well ahead at the start of this.

  • Muscle is heavier than fat.

  • Is that why you look like a dog drying itself when you climb stairs?

  • I don't climb stairs, I leap up buildings, one floor at a time.

  • I'm finding sweating horribly on the turbo,
    drinking 1.5 liters of water an hour while on there,
    feeling rank and bloated after,
    Skipping supper because bloated,
    getting up every hour to piss during the night,
    and then weighing myself horribly hungry and dehydrated in the morning.
    Is the key to weight loss.

    Not sure it's a lifestyle I want to embrace though.

  • Tried everything to lose love handles, all kind of fasting, 5:2, and loads of other crap.
    Given that I pedal 150 miles a week and am not a pie predator this was somewhat irksome. Then I had a chat with a biochemist. Stopped eating all carbohydrates and did a month on fat and protein only. Monitored ketones to make sure I maintained ketosis
    Lost 20lb feel full of energy, don't get " hangry" don't want a mid day nap. Seems that insulin was the problem all along. Now back to normalish diet with emphasis on fats and protein.

  • Monitored ketones

    How was this done?

  • That sounds pretty close to what I get - tired for no good reason and very prone to anger when I'm hungry.

    Did you follow a plan?

  • No real "plan" my bio chem friend explained how insulin turns off the fat burning side of your metabolism, it's a bit more complex than that, but that's the basics. So your body is set up to burn carbs only.
    Drop the carbs (no more than 25g a day) stay aerobic on the exercise and in a week I had gone from no ketones to 3.8. Stayed there for a further three weeks and presto.
    Weight loss and mucho energy, no sugar crashes. I suppose it's different for everyone, but worked for me. I especially don't miss the mid afternoon crash.

  • Hmmm I'd be interested in this - love handles fucking piss me off.

    Not eating any carb is pretty tricky though, no? Is that kind of paleo/Atkins type thing?

  • Thanks @laner and @eyebrows.

    Myfitnesspal downloaded. I know it's cliché but i'll start Monday... found pigs in blankets at M&S and could resist for lunch. Noticed they now sell 'protein pots' of 2 boiled eggs and some spinach though.

    When at home i don't drink so that's an easy fix.

  • We should buddy up on this. Ketone Bros.

  • Biochemists- they can't be trusted.
    I honestly can't see the difference between the ketogenic and any other low carb diet.
    When you give in and have those chips again, you'll probably gain it back.
    (though admittedly there is some debate over this).

    Signed, a recovering biochemist.

  • bumps fist

    Or hips

  • Have a look here . I've been reducing (some) carbs and cutting out (most) processed food and have lost close to a stone. I did get a few days where I had lots of energy and didn't feel the need to eat much at all so I'm wondering if that was the start of ketosis but thinking about giving it a proper go after Christmas.

  • We are talking after Christmas yeah?

  • Obvs.

    eats another Malteser

  • Have some Haribo. You need to build fat before you can burn it.

  • Not sure I would classify if as any plan really, I just had a think and a bit of research about the chemists involved and it seemed obvious. It's practically impossible, and it seems quite dangerous to cut out all carbohydrates. So I probably end up eating about 25 -35 g a day in with the other stuff.
    The way I worked it out was that if my lady bod ran low on carbs over a long period it would switch over to fat as a fuel.
    I might be completely off my rocker, but for the time I have been on this I have eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, so long as it's not carbs. I have paid no attention to how many calories I have taken in, just eaten whenever I was hungry.
    I'm no expert, it just looked logical when I researched the effects of sugar, carbs etc on insulin resistance and fat.
    Being doing this for over a month now and still feel like I have bundles of energy and haven't died, yet.

  • Interesting. What kind of exercise do you do, and how frequently?

  • Cycle to work daily, about 25 mile round trip depending which route I take. The go out with local road club on Sunday for a quickish 50 - 60 miler. All on a single speed I might add, much to the disgust, amusement, bemusement, and disbelief of my club mates.
    So probably mostly aerobic with short bursts of anaerobic.

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Weight / Fat loss

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