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  • Smack is for losers.

    Winners use meth.

  • injury

    +1 to that.

    Things got out of control for me when I tore my ACL. That was a year without exercise but eating like I was running 20mi a week and bike commuting.

  • Ice Ice Baby

  • Back on the weight loss wagon again myself.
    Post COVID fatigue is real, and don’t want to go too heavy with training as I want to take it easy until I’ve seen the cardiologist for some cardiac episodes while cycling.

    Keeping it fairly simple.

    • Fruit bowl with clementines and apples for snacking if needed
    • intermittent fasting 12-8pm
    • meals no more than 600 calories, more protein, less carbs (but not low carb)
    • Protein shake for hunger control during the day (and higher protein intake)
      -If I have a cheat meal, replace one of the meals with Myprotein whole fuel blend (cheaper huel) to offset cheat meal calorie surplus.

    6h zone 1-2 cycling, 1h above.
    Short 10 minute calisthenics and kettlebells here and there.

  • Post COVID fatigue is real

    100%, last year was a write off for me.

  • Good work. I know you recommended Roar but you seem to have done the bulk of the work yourself (or with some assistance from another PT). I’m trying to drop some weight in anticipation of the squash courts opening but I also need to exercise. Old age and a dodgy knee is causing me a lot of worry at the moment but your pic has given me some inspiration.

  • I would qualify that - I used Roar, I got results, but would I recommend Roar to people seeking to do what I did? No, I wouldn't. I think you'd get better results working with a PT that isn't operating within what turned out to be a very rigid, one size fits all structure.

    Roar, for all the luxury trappings and locations is a transformation factory, not (as I had thought) somewhere that would work with you to achieve your goals. It's their goals or nothing, and the focus is more on the weight loss than the muscle gain - and that's driven by the need for visible abs in the "after" picture.

  • Thanks. That’s an interesting revelation. I would imagine that a good PT would be worth their weight in gold. Best of luck with your future endeavours.

  • Seconding the PT route, I got some dead eyed trainer a few years back who got me from beer belly and huge head @80kg to 67kg in about 3 months.

  • How did he reduce the size of your head?

  • Yes it was a fat head

  • I got sent the others - I guess they hit their "by Friday" target.

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  • .

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  • That’s impressive!

  • Indeed it is , very lean .
    How much cycling contributed to this change ?
    How many pull ups per session , shoulders and back look much enlarged .
    To my mind it’s a very athletic look , not bulky so you need made to measure shirts .. chapeau

  • Mountain biking at the weekend, odd pump track session in the week.

    I’d do pull ups each session, super-setting those with a lift of some kind- inclined chest press, shoulder press, chest press.

  • From a 'race-ready' 95kg two years ago, I've gradually crept up to a now annoying 111kg

    I've no wish to get back to the 118kg weight I found myself at early 2017, so I guess it's time to cut out the treats for a while

    Ho hum

  • Anyone done the Joe Wicks 90 day plan? Need to get this lockdown weight off (and get a life plan that keeps it off).

  • I’ve got a set of brand new FitTrack smart scales that I don’t need.
    Anyone want them for £40 posted?
    Same as these

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  • So how do you lose weight?

  • Calorie deficit? Avoid MAGNETS (there is a cunning workaround with chocolate that defeats the 🧲)

  • No @Dammit style transformation pics but after getting a bit lardy through lockdown and a running injury. Meant I looked a bit blubby and running was slower - spent the last 8 weeks trimming. This mostly involves decent whack of cardio, more structured weight routine and not eating as much but also eating lots more fruit and veg and increasing protein with a lot fewer carbs. Still drink, eat etc and not shredded to fuck but back to a 30inch waist and running feeling a bit easier.

  • I know someone who has and found it relatively okay to stick to and saw results, nothing too dramatic like but a definite difference

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Weight / Fat loss

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