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  • Right, starting again now that fucked ankle is better.

    09-DEC-2019 - 96kg

    Target 76kg by September 2020 (0.5kg/week) but ideally June 2020 (0.75kg/week)

    Increased exercise, no snacking, enjoying feeling hungry, correct portions, cut down on beer, not being lazy, possibly a fasting day or two a week if it fits with family life.

  • 94.5 yesterday after a big season of ultras and 3 weeks overseas. So about 6kg heavier than racing.
    93 this morning after skipping breakfast but eating a packet of tim tams after dinner

    Going to try skipping breakfast for a bit. Actually not skipping it, just shifting it to lunch so I've still got enough carbs in my system to not fail all my turbo sessions in the evenings. Beer intake will go down compared to previous weeks of drinking a fair bit every day to something resembling normal patterns. Salads when I'm in the office and probably at home. Oh, got the missus to hide the remaining tim tam pack.

  • Think I'll ignore this thread for the next few weeks

  • No, you're the fattist!

  • Do I win a prize? Cake perhaps?

  • Cake-free cake.

  • I was thinking the same...

  • I think I've also roped the missus into riding a 200k in a week or so for the LOLs in some last ditched attempt to regain some UK cycling mojo. That should be a nice butter burner.

  • That's the friendliest forum on the internet for you. Button is over there >>>

  • I'm just going to eat more and then have more to lose.

    Win win.

  • I like hanging out in the weight loss thread and the beer threads at the same time to torture myself all day.

  • Soz, eaten it all

  • I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching food based videos on youtube when I'm fasting. And weirdly the urge just to watch those videos isn't there on normal eating days.

    Also, I've been doing a bit of reading up on fasting - I've been doing 5:2 for 4 months, 5.5 kg down - and fuck me, the intermittent fasting community is bonkers. People getting shot down for "ruining their fast" by having a 20kcal herbal drink, or others recommending 48hr fasts 2x a week. I haven't seen this level of diet cult since I was into keto!

    On a positive note, I took some progress pictures today to see how I've been faring, amazed at the difference that 5.5kgs makes. Especially as I've stalled out on weight loss. Would recommend keeping some photos to anyone trying to stay motivated.

  • 5:2 might work during the off season, ie. I should've been doing it for the last 3 months but if I'm trying to train I'd rather be fed and train, than be fasted, blow a session and then hate myself for the next day for not hitting my numbers (yes, I'm a headcase).
    I've done 24hr fasts before and it's not really a big deal but they're certainly not a sustainable option, just a nice psych test.
    Currently trying to keep eating to a reduced window and being mindful of what I'm eating and drinking. It won't work as fast as I'd like but I know I'll drop the weight again when I start getting into training. What's tricky is when I get under 90kg - then I normally stagnate then get bored and then go back up. I'm sure I'm not meant to be 90kg but it does seem to be a sweetspot I tend not to move away from unless I get excessive in either direction.
    Even with a much healthier diet than I used to have I'm still around that mark. It's bloody annoying.

  • I'd say 5:2 is the most sustainable thing I've tried - it feels like a permanent change. Really easy to schedule, even on awkward weeks where I end up doing my 500kcal days in a row (I could avoid this if I really wanted but for me, fasting 2 days in a row is better than giving up any day fri-sun). I still manage to train on fasting days, albeit in a slightly different manner.

    I'd give it a punt. It helps create a calorific deficit over the week, but removes the pressure of being on a diet 7 days a week. Also, I find it easier to say no to crap food the days after fasting - don't want to waste the hungry days!

  • I'm a weird blend in that I want some things to be routine but I'm also just as likely to go "ooh, look a party in Brussels, wanna go?" Often the same thing happens with my riding. I might have a long work day so ditch a session and then need to make it up the next day or whatever. Pretty sure I'd just end up skipping the two fast days. I've thought about it before but it never really looked like it would work with big weekends on the bike, two gym days and two turbo days most weeks plus somewhat random work hours. If I fast on recovery days then I don't recover properly and the next session is normally shit. The eating window variant gets some benefits of fasting without the stress of find a whole day restricted.
    Let's see how this goes and then maybe I'll give 5:2 a try later. Oh, I'll be doing less ultra racing this year - that has another big impact on diet - ie. you can't be on one.

  • I know what you mean. I would say it's easier to stick to than you think though. The knowledge that it's only one day, and the promise of food tomorrow gets you through it. And fasting days are free to shuffle around to whenever suits.
    I've only ended up on a diet after injury has stopped me running, which in turn caused weight gain. I'm hoping to have the all clear to run again before the end of the year, and I'm really interested to see if 5:2 fits in with running. Either way, I'm in much better shape than usual after a long lay off. But I'm also now planning to keep my running distances down, too much too soon is what wrecked me in the first place! (You can keep your ultras thank you very much!)

  • Ha, I was thinking about doing some running for cross training, to the point I was going to ask on the running thread about a couch to 10k kind of program, knowing that I'll quite easily put myself into physical breakdown mode if I started running again. "ooh this isn't so bad, maybe I'll just do that 10k now and not bother working up to it". "Oh hello 6 months of physio..."

  • It just sounds like you have a similar attitude to me. Do a thing, enjoy it, do it more, enjoy it more, do it too much, pay the consequences. Lol.

  • Do a thing, enjoy it, do it more, enjoy it more, do it too much, pay the consequences

    So like cake then?

  • I got a new pair of shoes once and ran to work.
    Work was 26k away.
    Hello physio.

  • 94.5

    Barely (barley?) resisted the urge to beer up last night but this is still mostly water weight from actually riding.

  • Forgotten what the fasting hunger feels like (<500kcal in the last 23.5h).

    And, as hippy mentioned water weight, I'd also forgotten the (temporary) dramatic weight drop that comes with fasting thanks to each g of glycogen being bound to 3-4g of water. That and having a big dump.

    Must remember not to judge my weekly weight loss by looking at non-fasting days.

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Weight / Fat loss

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