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  • Angel Dust? For breakfast? What would I have for dessert then?

  • The faces of Addison Lee drivers.

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    I can fly!

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  • Anyone have any tips for losing weight when you can’t exercise? (I appreciate ‘eat less’ is probably the answer here)

    I have a weird hormone thing that means I’ve been advised to avoid all cardio for the foreseeable future - have gained a ton of weight and feeling pretty miserable about it.

  • Sorry to hear that. Audax Club Hackney has achieved quite sustained weight losses with keto diet still drink beer. Gadge was always more drunk at drinks but is now mostly faster then me due to weight loss grrrr. Pretty sure they would have lost weight without all the cardio. @mustardbeak any ideas?

  • Can you still do anaerobic exercise? Lifting heavy weights should help.

  • Sorry to hear about your hormone thing. That's shit.
    Perhaps something like a bit of yoga? Could help to tone you and increase your muscle % a bit, which should make you feel better and also burn more calories.
    There's a nice little studio on culverley road which I went to for a bit.

  • Thanks all. I am doing a bit of yoga and I think I’m probably OK to do weights as well so will give that a go. Will investigate keto too, especially if I can still drink beer on it...

  • Drink more low calorie stuff. I'd say water but that's pish. Tea, coffee, squashes. Beware the diet drink option - looking like sweetners are causing similar insulin spikes and stuff to sugar. For food, anything low cal, ie. vegies and lean protein. Remove snacking options from easy grasp - ie none in the house.

  • How is keto supposed to work while still drinking beer?

  • I dunno, apparently ACH managed it ^^. Don’t crush my dreams!*

    *obviously keto is not actually my dreams. I really like bread. And pizza.

  • Try some fasting? Once you've got through the initial difficulty it's pretty easy.

    A video (posted earlier in the thread)

    And a book (which is easier to read than his Obesity Code)

    It would make sense to check with your Doctor first (given your hormone thing).

  • Same.

    Fuck keto.

    Pizza and beer ftw!

    bans self from weightloss thread

  • Colleague made cinnamon buns.


  • Bring them here. I've not had brekkie.

  • You can drink neat spirits on keto but not really much beer (as you are trying to keep carbs to under 50g ish). The main problem I've found is the lack of will power associated with booze. If pizza and bread look good sober, they look really good after a few beers. Try looking at Mark Sissons's Primal diet. It's a bit keto, a bit LCHF and a bit paleo but easy to follow. Lots of emphasis on natural foods.

  • 17/08/2017 – Weight: 11st 11lb and 1/4. BMI = 23.6
    24/08/2017 – Weight: 11st 7lb and 3/4. BMI = 23.2
    31/08/2017 – Weight: 11st 6lb and 1/2. BMI = 22.9
    07/09/2017 – Weight: 11st 4lb and 1/4. BMI = 22.6
    21/09/2017 – Weight: 11st 2lb and 1/2. BMI = 22.3
    05/10/2017 – Weight: 11st 0lb and 3/4. BMI = 22.0
    12/10/2017 – Weight: 10st 11lb and 1/4. BMI = 21.6
    26/10/2017 – Weight: 10st 10lb and 3/4. BMI = 21.5
    02/11/2017 – Weight: 10st 9lb and 1/4. BMI = 21.3
    09/11/2017 – Weight: 10st 7lb and 1/2. BMI = 21.0

    So my target has been surpassed now. After having various conversations with people about health and fitness, I’ve been led to believe that 21 is more or less the perfect BMI to attain. As a result, I really want to maintain now. I feel like I still have a little bit of stomach/back flab I’d like to get rid of, so will be upping the situps and push ups. Any simple tips on diet? As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not stopped enjoying food and drink, I’m just being a bit more restrained and sensible. I don’t really want to allow myself to be less sensible in order to maintain, if that makes sense. I do appreciate that Christmas is coming and will probably equate to additional pounds. I also want to start thinking about structured fitness and performance goals. Is there anything fairly simple that I can set as an initial goal? I have a HRM and am riding up to 2hrs per day, plus I do sit/push ups for probably around half an hour in the evening.

  • 2 out of 4 ain't bad ;)

  • Can we guess? :P

  • Congratulations! :)

    I would pick a sports specific goal, because then you have ready-made plans. It's a bit tricky if it's very general. But for cycling there are already sprinting plans, endurance plans you can grab and try.

    Which then leaves, which one to pick? Probably any beginner plan will do but monitor your recovery. I found when lifting (i know completely different) that some things like deadlifting twice a week wrecks me, and other people are fine on that. But the only way to find what works is try it, and ensure you reach the goals.

    If you don't, either you don't eat/sleep enough, or well enough OR it's just too much for your circumstances :)

  • So with only a couple of days of the holiday season it’s time to get back into this thread.

    I had a pretty long run at it this year - with 3/4 lunches and events per week in the two weeks before Xmas and usual indulgence over the past week. I’ll carry on having a grand old time for the next two days but I stepped on the scales for a cursory look this evening (92kg) and it’s not pretty. Ho hum nothing I’ve not done before and I’m off the sauce in Jan which should help.

    2017 I stayed between 88-90kg the entire year but a thigh injury mid way through stopped me from playing football which I was doing 3/4 times per week. Even a consistent amount of gym couldn’t make up for that so the signs where there.

    So plan is to get back down to 88kg as quickly as positively and stay there whilst not losing any strength.

  • Does trying to gain weight count as well? Allways been skinny / skinnyfat. Started cycling to work 9 years ago and started cycling on the weekends not long after that. Leaned up a bit but still skinny. This summer started going to gym for the first time in over ten years. Two times a week with s cousin, doin the machines (trying not to skip leg day). First week of November I had a session with a pt to start squating, deadlifting, benching etc. Did the pt thing to show me proper form and not rely on internot/youtube. Started out lightish trying for liniar gains.

    Some stats:
    Me; 36 (37 tomorrow), 6"1' (186cm), 73kg in August.
    First proper weighing with the pt session early November; 74,4kg, 16% bodyfat
    Second weighing early December; 74,3 kg, 14% bf. Gained 1,2 kg of muscle mass (yeah)
    Next week I'll get myself weighed again to see what three workouts a week did to offset all the holiday food/booze.
    Been eating about 3000 kcal a day just to maintain bw, mostly whole food, vegs, fruits, meat only three times a week, not much beers or crappy foods.

    Goal was 75kg for this year, 80ish at the end. Would like to bench bw (60x5 now), and deadlift 100+ (90x5 yesterday).

    Any tips for eating more kcals without shakes or too much junk food? I'd like to stay around 15% bf. (Don't say more beers Hippy, 2-3 proper ones a week are fine for me)

  • Healthy fats, like avocado, nuts and fatty fish like mackerel add good calories.

    A lot of bodybuilders add calories by quick sugars like Jaffa cakes, right after training only, if all else fails.

  • Thanks for the reply, avocado, fish and nuts it is then. Allready stuf a mussli bar and a banana in my face on the way home frome the gym. On a beginners powerlifting schedule at the moment wich is way more fun then the machine excercises. Feels more beneficial as well, stronger and harder instead of just bigger. Less pump more dense.

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Weight / Fat loss

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