Brother cycles... Cheap as chips frames

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  • Second ride update. I’ve dialled everything in part from perhaps cockpit - levers and spacer stack, feel could lose 5mm.

    Having now set up tubeless in 32mm Terravail Rampart I can report this is an outstanding bike. Big grin riding it just now. Totally nails what I wanted it for, so now just hoping I can live with tubeless...

    With nice wheels and set up with bigger tyres the ride is absolutely lovely. Brother nailed the geometry IMO.

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  • Month on living with tubeless and this bike and it really is perfect.

    Was going to get a paint matched frame pump but too much hassle for gram points.

    18 quid Topeka will do...

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  • Look forward to seeing that in the flesh, looks fresh AF.

  • Better sort my front mudguard before I see you then.

  • Also added a Topeak to my Brother recently. Fairly impressed with it for the price.

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  • The amazing chameleon bike. :)

  • The paint is pretty cool tbf.

  • Messaged them yesterday and it turns out the 2021 Big Bro is going to have boost spacing.

    Means that its the cheaper version of the Bootzipper. Lolsss.

  • The more expensive version most likely.

  • Just looked up the price of the Bootzipper frameset. Why is it so expensive? I thought Planet-X/On One had reasonable prices. The completes are not a bad deal I guess.

  • Mehtehs: my mate has one and loves it to bits. Had it for months now doing mixed terrain riding.

    I was going to get one myself but they were all out of stock.

  • My Big Dog frame was <£200 when they came out a year ago, currently they're £700.

    I wonder if it's something to do with:

    The law, as contained in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, simply says that if products are on sale or special offer, retailers have to show the original price and must have been selling at that price for "a meaningful period of time".

    i.e. they have to sell it at £700 in order to then say "75% off" later.

    Or they are just nutters.

  • Could also just be price gouging due to demand for bikes atm.

  • Oh I didn't know it's 600£ now! They must have increased the price a lot lately... The Big Bro is also >600, a bit steep for a 4130 frame

  • I’m looking into getting one... new frames early Jan apparently

  • Hello

    I just finished the buid of my Mehteh :

  • Wich one do you choose ?

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  • Could also just be price gouging due to demand for bikes atm.


    Specialized increase their prices on the bikes immediately.

  • Specialized will say it’s because of supply chain and the issues they’ve faced with COVID. They never sold their bikes at rock bottom prices like Planet X did. Planet X have clearly made a conscious decision to charge the ‘RRP’ they have set on products. I wouldn’t say the big guys are price gouging. I would say PX are.

  • Do you ride past Hilly Fields in the morning?

  • Given I have no idea where that is probs not me.

  • Super nice build

  • Kepler for sale on eBay (not connected to me)­r-58cm/133585565990

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Brother cycles... Cheap as chips frames

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