Brother cycles... Cheap as chips frames

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  • Brooklyn?

  • someone needs to rename the thread title

    Brother cycles... not nice and pricey

  • Kepler do ride really nicely and the geo is loads better than crosscheck/straggler. (Taller)

  • What other cheap track frames that can take bigger tires are there? The pomp is currently not for sale...

  • why wouldn't you buy one second hand, there are so many knocking about

  • AFAIK Big Block frameset 3kg, Steamroller frameset 3kg, Mash Works 3kg, All-day I'll take a guess at 3kg.

    I wanted a B.B but they're hard to find cheap so got a roller off here for a good price to try the geo. I'm a T-rex and I've had no issues with the short head tube, guessing external headset and tall axle to crown helps. With the exception of the Mash as others have said they appear to be pretty much all the same.

    Strangely I've seen about 5 Mash works in the last few week including this morning, much want.

  • Don’t believe the hype. Rides like shit. Way worse than a Cross Check did.

  • I love it. If I had money to throw away, I'd throw it at this.

  • I really like my Kepler although I do need to have lots of spacers/shortish stem to get the fit right for my intended purposes (touring/commute). I can attest it does weigh a fair bit less than a cross check and has less stupid geo. I have found the paint-job chips quite easily though (I have an original blue canti-version).

    The new All Day is what I wanted my Big Block to be (decent clearances without the need to run stupid long drop brakes), and I would be tempted if it was cheaper.

  • What exactly makes you so sure of this statement?

  • Did anyone go to the Brother event on Friday? See the Mehteh ?

  • Wait what, Brother as chips? What kind of decadent baller chips are y'all eating?

  • Yeah it's time to change the thread title, this is misleading...

  • Have you seen the price of a Steamroller nowadays?

    Price is expensive but then, it is 2019, not 2009.

  • Dolan Precursa with road fork, 32mm comfortably.

    Can be fitted with cx fork, as this only make the geo more road like, having a track end mean the wheel can be set further back for more clearance (managed 38mm slick by doing this).

  • I was all for pulling the trigger on a 2018/19 brother swift, what other options would be worth looking at? Vigorelli track is a maybe, but at 6'3", even their large seems a bit small. I'm after steel, carbon fork, and only these two jump to mind?

  • No carbon fork but I've been looking at the All-City Big Block.

  • £600 new? even if the huge clearances would be fun that's a bit much!

  • Not really AFAIK, these are the 2 options i got down too when i was in the market for a new steel/carbon combo. Both a bit overpriced but I've generally only heard good things about either. Vig cost more but is lighter, has better fork and comes in XL. The older model prices are starting to drop but I much prefer the new black paint job on the 2019.

  • 58 on the bay for £350, you could recoup at least £1.38 from that finishing kit­n=ps

  • Or a Pompino. They usually sell complete for less than £300 on ebay.

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Brother cycles... Cheap as chips frames

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