Clavicle Error - Broken Collarbone

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  • I was knocked off my bike earlier this evening by a bloke on a mountain bike who unexpectedly and stupidly pulled out in front of me without looking at all. Full high speed impact with him and then the road. Ouch.

    Consequently I have a broken collarbone. How long should it take to heal?

    I got the guy's number - are there any other details I should have taken?


  • where he lives so you can give him a slice of the action. what a pleb.

    heal up soon, broken clavicles are annoying and painful

  • Dunno. Haven't broken that one yet.
    Someone else did the same the other day (one of the girls?).

    It would be nice to post some advice. Just in case Chinbreaker needs some info in the future.

  • These things are tibi-a-xpected*, *can you not see the humerus side?

  • Heal up soon josh, you're a young lad, so prob about 4 weeks (although I did mine over 25 yrs ago, so memory is a little hazy).

  • shit!

    what did captain cunt have to say for himself??

    heal up quick mr precise...

  • Oooh matron!

  • yeah, apparently every other cyclist has broken a collarbone. They say it'll be healed in 6 weeks which I'm sure is right but 2 weeks in I'm not sure I can picture that! Ask me in 4 weeks time...

    Take it easy. I think rest is important to healing. Bloody mtbs!

  • horatio broke his on an MTB at the weekend... That's 4 forumengers (if not more?) with broken collar bones in the last month... Heal up soon, Josh... You too, Estelle... x

  • Hope you're back on the push rod soon, Josh.

  • Fuck's sake. Was supposed to be going sailing for a week tomarrow. WAC.

  • Tell me, is the thread title pun obvious enough?

  • Tell me, is the thread title pun obvious enough?

    If it's not you'll just have to shoulder the blame.
    Good luck with the recovery.

  • It's pretty obvious... Chill out, Josh... x

    And get well soon to Olga too, she broke her collar bone at the track day...

  • Broken collarbone ride?

  • (joking)

  • ouch Josh! Heal well and quickly x

  • Is it a displaced fracture? They can take slightly longer to heal and leave a nice lump. Both myself and middleofnowhere broke our collarbones on the same night last year and it was about 8 weeks before either of us were back in action fully. Mine still isn't healed and I'll be having an op to plate it later this year. This was possibly due to me surfing in Bali after 4 weeks so avoid using it for as long as possible.

    Hope you heal up well mate, and all the others mentioned here.

  • Oh yeah, drugs* are your friend until the clicking stops.

    • I'm not pharmacologically(?) trained so choose your drugs wisely.
  • shit man, i can't believe you rode into a mtb, whats wrong with people now adays, i remember when just hitting a ped was enough

    8 weeks sounds about right, the Drs should give you a date to come back for physio to check the range of movement before you go into more physical exercise.. then its swimming.

    Buddha - you'd be up for this ride.. no?

  • Most seem to heal quite quickly, but it does vary. As the Lush said - make sure you do rest it properly for as long as they say.

    Mine (also caused by another cyclist) took months, didn't heal properly, then needed a subsequent operation and 2nd round of recovery and physio. Nearly 2 years in all.

    Hope yours is quick to heal, Josh.

  • Heal up soon, Mr Precise!

  • Sorry dude. H(eal)TFU.

  • heal quick josh

  • If you'd fully embraced the 80s fashion revival, this may never have happened. GWS.

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Clavicle Error - Broken Collarbone

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