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  • I was digging for some info on George W Stratton (my frame) and I came across this article which made me feel proud a bit. Stratton was affiliated with Youngs of Lewisham as they were both frame builders for Claud Butler, Youngs went on to manufacture the Grandini (to compete with the Italian brands in build quality and price bracket) which Rimple rode as seen in the picture below , although Trinidad has a long history of cycling through the years, not many of them make it to the Olympics.

    This one is about Clyde Rimple who was born on the west coast of Trinidad in a town called Marabella on 16 June 1937, by the age of 20 he had won many races in Trinidad which already had a popular grass track history. For the 1960 Olympics the Caribbean was allowed to enter as a Federation and four athletes were selected to represent, three including 23 year old Rimple were from Trinidad and Tobago, they did not win any medals then but after meeting alike minds he decided to move to the U.K, he later joining the RAF and continued to race for them. Aparantly Rimple also competed in the Commonwealth Games (not sure which year) and was a regular at Herne Hill. His 1960 results are here and most of the info I found here. Unfortunately I couldn't find out if he is still alive or if and when he died.

  • Now you need to get a Grandini frame!

  • nice work dude..

  • nice one Marlon

  • Forgive me if I'm thick, but why does this thread come up under 'Black flies at Herne Hill', like mikec's thread?

    The thread title in the OP is 'Clyde Rimple', so did you give it another title first and are waiting for it to be renamed completely?

  • Yes

  • I wondered where this thread had vanished to... Not much info on him on the web, is there? Tiny Wiki entry...

  • Not much info on him on the web, is there? Tiny Wiki entry...
    exactly, same goes for stratton, could only find brief mentions about being in the claud butler 'school' of frame builders.

  • Did you find out more about George Stratton? He was a master brazer for Claud Butler until the business went down in 1955 (I think). He took part of the business over and started to build his own bikes. He owned the shop in Wandsworth, Stratton Cycles, which is still in business today under the same name. It seems George died around 1995-7. I got this last info from the present owner as I am trying to find George's daughter, we were best friends and I knew the whole family very well.

  • just thought i would like to let everyone on this post who is interested, Clyde( my dad ) is very much still alive and lives in west Berkshire, England. This christmas i am putting together a scap book with all info i have about him and what i can find on the internet, hes still so shocked that hes even on the internet!

  • Great to hear he's still alive. Thanks for posting.

  • Just met Clyde, had a nice little chat with him, lovely guy, still passionate about sport. Hope I'm still as sprightly as him when I'm pushing 80

  • Clyde Rimple is my grandfather. He is still alive and we are about to celebrate his 80th birthday this coming week! He did remain in the U.K. where he married and had 4 children and continues to live in Berkshire surrounded by lots of family. If you have any questions I'm sure he would love to answer them, however he is not online.

  • I know this post was from a couple of years ago but I know Clyde rimple and can put you into contact with him if you would like to meet him

  • Right, could everybody who knows Clyde kindly get themselves actual usernames, please? :)


  • Only joined to post can always pm me for more info

  • Sure, it was just striking that everybody posting here only passed by, when we would very much like to hear more from you. :)

  • I've just come across this thread and am very pleased to here that Clyde is alive and well. I first met Clyde in I think 1960 when we were both in the RAF and rode with him in Road Races. I last saw him in 1966 when I was working for Airwork Services as a Radar Technician at RAF Hackgreen in Cheshire, he was on a training visit I think. We had both left the RAF by then.
    So I would be pleased if someone could let him know I still have fond memories of our times together.

    Bill Dunscombe
    Still a leisure cyclist.

  • Can't believe this thread is still alive. Great news to hear Mr Rimple is 80 now and doing well. Thanks for the updates.

  • Have you seen the PM I included you in a while back?

  • Yes, thanks. I've since replied.

  • Just met Clyde, doing a bit of work in his house, interesting guy was good to chat with him😊

  • Hi my Father in law worked in the RAF with Clyde and has many good memories. Would love to see if they could chat. His name is Bill Pollock.

  • Hi My father in law worked with Clyde in the RAF and they were friends his name is Bill Pollock. You can email me if he wants to talk to Bill

  • Hi everyone, Clyde's youngest daughter here, it's a shame I didn't get notified of all these comments a few years back, dad would have loved to get in touch.

    Sadly dad passed away on 2.9.22. Up to his final few weeks he would still talking about cycling, his work in the RAF and his life, which was full of love and passion for the sport.

    A few years back I managed to get dad to the Olympic stadium in London and he loved it.

    We are having a funeral on the 3rd October 2022, if anyone has any old images of dad,Clyde, in their archives we would be so happy to see them.


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Clyde Rimple

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