Portuguese Forum Nosh-up @ Stockwell

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  • Why would you want to get it out?

  • We just meeting there at half 7?

  • I'm off to Mario Vaz now, going straight to Stockwell then.
    Be there around 7/7.30.

  • Early arrivals meet in the Queen's head?

  • Nuknow - bring me jam!!!!!! (pretty pretty please)

  • hahahaa. Ok!!

  • What's the postcode of this place plz?

  • Its next to brixton cycles you tosspot.
    SW9 9TN

  • Hey, I live in Middlesex, be nice!

    And thank you ^_^

  • OK, Kattie and MIck, text me at: oh seven nine fifty, 200, eight six nine, please.
    I need your numbers. See ya'll soon.

  • Might be a little late, got a puncture en route, no pump and am now on the tube.

  • F'ing delicious, but man I'm farting like a champion!

  • Lovely night, great to see you all again, nice to meet you Matt.

    And, I never thought i'd say this, but i'm so glad I got the tube home, seeing that guy trip and fall as he was getting onto the tube, I was laughing for a good solid 10 mins or so at that!

  • Tube guy falling was a good finale!
    Thanks to everyone that could come. Elguapo and Jayloo, muito obrigado, lovely to meet you both.
    Ian, at last a pleasure to meet you buddy.
    Mashton, all the best finding your bike...and look what I've got for ya:

    MOLOTOV recipe!!!!

    Pudim de Molotov (Molotov Pudding)

    Measure Ingredient / Preparation
    250 grs  Sugar
    8    Egg whites
    150 grs  Sugar
    1 tsp    Milk
    1 Tbs    Flour
    8    Egg yolks

    Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Slowly fold in half (125 grs) of the sugar. Set aside.
    Place the remaining sugar in a pan with a little water and bring to a boil until it just starts to carmelize and turn slightly dark. Combine this with the egg mixture and pour into a pudding mold, without smoothing or mixing the egg mixture, but letting it settle on its own. Place in the oven for 5 minutes.

    Meanwhile, prepare the topping. Make a cream by combining the sugar, milk and flour in a pan and bringing it to a boil. Remove from the heat and let it set for a minute and then add the egg yolks. Place back on the stove until the mixture is thoroughly combined.

    After removing the pudding from the mold, pour the topping over the whole form.

  • Oh, yeah.... Kattiep ate my frame at the end.
    Lovely chip, tooth shapped, right in the headtube!!!!

  • Oh, BTW....Molotov looks like this...in case you're wondering.
    Mashton couldn't set his eyes on nothing else :D

  • Nuknow, don't hate me. The chip was already there, I'm sure.
    Matt has a collection of nail polish, maybe even a matching green?
    Sorry :(

  • Pics or last night never happened

  • Nuno!

    Muito muito obrigado! last night was very nice indeed! Excellent host! Thanks for organising it. Also Portugal 4 Espana 0!!!! Yeepee!! Estadio de Luz!!! Forca Portugal!!!

    Ate Logo amigo!! c_c

  • That was bloody lovely. A real treat.

    Great to meet everyone, including the lovely Tiffany.

    Kattie, how many wines did we drink?

  • I had a great time...lovely to meet all of you...
    I tried to upload a pic of Matt and the Molotov but not smart enough for it or possibly just too hungover ;)

  • How often do these bashes happen? It's near my home, I know the restaurant well and would love to make the next one.

  • Pics or last night never happened

    Look...it's Kp's teeth!

  • Look...it's Kp's teeth!

    I am sure that mario will be able to sort you out with a little dab of paint to retouch out katie's lethal tooth marks... lololol!!

  • No. No lols. I feel bad (and powerless) about this.

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Portuguese Forum Nosh-up @ Stockwell

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