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  • Circles logo location 1... The Grain Store, Gloucester Road

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  • Circles logo location 2...

    Diplocks Yard entrance, North Road

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  • Circle logo location 3...

    New office let; formerly the North Laine Medical Centre. Gloucester Street.

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  • But then... how the hell did you know where it was?

    Final proof came from checking an aerial shot on Google Maps, but I did this only after posting the tag.­5,-0.1384285,83a,35y,285.15h,40.11t/data­=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

    I wasn't going to mention the circles logo sub-story, but since you asked... I hope you enjoyed the story of finding this tag, one of the most interesting and challenging I have ever done. Thanks team for your assistance!

  • Just to make it clear, this is the latest tag to find:­

  • St answells/nizells ave

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  • ?

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  • .

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  • I'm stumped. Give us a clue??!

  • Clues (plural) after 7 days since tag day. Or sooner if no one objects.

  • This one's got me stumped as well

  • I know this one. I might be able to get out later today and get it

  • Clue: look east

  • Another clue: this is a significant something...

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  • A very tall signifcant something that can be seen for miles around.

  • Another view..

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  • I used to live on Gloucester Passage (which is a private road) and I think my landlord owned all of those buildings with the symbol. Whenever I had to give them something I either gave it to his wife, or was asked to drop it through the letterbox of one of those buildings. I think they own a lot of other property in the area too.

    I'm boring myself.

  • Alright. Just how far East are we talking?

    I'm pretty sure the pointy thing is the Whitehawk transmitter. I think the hill in the background of the second picture is the one East of Woodingdean? So I'm thinking Roedean/Ovingdean somewhere but I'll be buggered if I can find that road/house.

  • Just how far East are we talking?

    No further east than the far end of the Marina.

    I'm pretty sure the pointy thing is the Whitehawk transmitter


    I think the hill in the background of the second picture is the one East of Woodingdean?

    No, much closer to home.

  • I'm getting a rare ride out to my office tomorrow afternoon for a meeting so I will defo get this if no one else does

  • Bottom of East Brighton Park.

    That patch of grass infront of the house looked much bigger, I thought it was a full sized field and got blinkered. Thank you for the hints!

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  • My phone camera isn't quite good enough so this hasn't worked as well as I'd intended. I'll grab a better picture as soon as I can.

    In the meantime: It's quite obvious where this is but can you find the exact bench?

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  • Bottom of East Brighton Park.

    Good work! One of my favourite things after riding on the Downs to the east of Brighton is to head towards Brighton along the top of Woodingdean, pop over the road near the top of Wilson Avenue, and then go down the side of Sheepcote Valley. My friend @errm_rich put me on to this route; it used to be part of his commute in to work some days. (There's a couple of enormous wooden chairs you can sit in/on, and take in the view.) At the bottom of the Valley is this park with terraced green lawns (to the south of your picture) and this weird house stuck in the middle of nowhere. It always struck me as interesting and incongruous.

  • I know that route and the chairs, it's a beautiful part of the downs. The path that goes behind Woodingdean and into Rottingdean is highly recommended.

    I live in Hanover and run the South Downs around there regularly. I really should have worked out where this was sooner!

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Brighton Bike Tag

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