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  • Here's a good game to play on BBT, stolen from the good people of Hanover:

    Our favorite game is matching cars with houses; a sort of motor/home colour game of snap if you will.­ighton/hanover/

    Obviously, finding a house the colour of sea-level's Surly could prove a bit challenging, but he has easier bikes for this. :)

  • Don't bother with Hanover.

  • Mrs sea-level wanted me to remove the parking zone letter, but I can assure you that the location is BlueBird friendly. I would never do you a tag on Albion Hill!

    @Oliver Schick - cool game, I like it. I'll keep any eye out for colour-matching opportunities as a minor theme. Not houses necessarily, but anything. (I thought about writing a piece on BBT for welovebrighton, but I can't guarantee that LFGSS is always going to be family friendly.)

    Just to note for someone new: the latest tag is the last image on the previous page.

  • For your delectation - colourful terrace of houses in Kemp Street, in the North Laine.

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  • .

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  • Metropole Exhibition Hall (presumably), looking very closed and forelorn. Is it ever used?

    Queensbury Mews, next to the Metropole Hotel.

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  • .

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  • Ha, I know this one.
    (but as I don’t live there anymore > schtum)

  • Another view...

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  • Bugger. I went past at lunch an hour ago and forgot to nab it.

  • Glass Pavilion: Rocket

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  • .

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  • Glass Pavilion: Rocket

    Now this is why BBT is so great (one of the reasons). I had no idea about the history of that rocket or the surgery, and I didn't know that that building was called The Glass Pavilion.

    Great new tag, btw. It's interesting, unusual, has a great sense of place, and I have no idea where it is!

  • I get the feeling that one is near Withdean stadium but I have no idea either

  • I have no idea where it is!

    Thank god for that. I was hoping it might be a bit more of a challenge as your knowledge of Brighton seems almost encyclopedic. Or at least compared to mine.

    near Withdean


  • is it queens park area roughly?

  • mute thread! i don't want clues, lol

    can't watch this thread until i've located it...

  • I'd say no, but you'll have to decide how far 'roughly' is.

    Last clue, from now I'll stick to the one week rule for @sea-level.

  • That's funny, I never know any of them but I knew this one immediately.

    But my bikes are all out of action at the moment.

  • Man, this is a good one. I'm struggling to stay focussed on work this afternoon. The game is afoot!

  • Last clue, from now I'll stick to the one week rule for @sea-level.

    Thanks for the grace period. But no need to hold back on the clues for my sake anymore.

    I spent most of yesterday afternoon (and even part of last night) obsessing over this. I just could not get it. But I glanced at the tag again this morning, and instantly got it.

    I got hung up on the notion that the red brick building in the foreground was a church, or an institutional building like a college or school.

    Great tag!

  • I'm impressed. The next one I do is going to be a special @sea-level tag with a nondescript white wall in the background.

    Or just a webcam of a locked bike a la Shia LaBeouf and 4Chan.

  • a nondescript white wall in the background
    Or just a webcam of a locked bike

    Lol. A friend has been threatening for years to do "the ultimate" bike tag for me, and I have vowed to find it within 24 hours. But so far he hasn't actually done it!

    Anyhoo... here's your tag. Church Street and Zion Gardens, looking up towards St. Nicholas's Church, Dyke Road.

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  • New tag (featuring an old bike, but one I've never put on BBT before, I think)

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  • I know that one. Now I just need to find a nice white wall for you.
    (nice bike)

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Brighton Bike Tag

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