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  • were you out and about on your condor around 6pm yesterday bombing along the seafront? I think I may have spotted you, or someone stealing your bike...

  • were you out and about on your condor around 6pm yesterday bombing along the seafront

    That was me. Blowing off steam after work, and taking advantage of the warmer weather. Stop me next time... it would great to meet you.

  • Around town, I'm either on my Condor or my Goldhawk

  • I would have done but I was driving, was in a white car alongside you for a bit by the west pier and along the seafront road to Hove. I recognised the red hubs and saddle bag from this thread

  • Excellent!! I love my red hubs...

  • Holland Mews, in Hove.

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  • .

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  • another view, because it's Christmas...

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  • Very central, also very new

  • Is this that block of offices by the station? I rode past today but it was all closed off

  • No. Much newer. Chances are you haven’t been down that way before, but it’s worth exploring. It’s a passage running down the middle of the new buildings. Probably not allowed to cycle, but it’s so deserted that I might have done so...

  • Yup, open and accessible... I checked just now.

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  • entrance way on left

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  • Down between the new builds on Morley street

  • .

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  • ..

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  • New spot

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  • Central but away from people

  • A new player! Always a good thing. Weclome.

    Yes, the passage between the buildings... It might all be part of "Kaplan Living", I'm not sure. Cycled down there last night with a friend, and the area's really opening up. Circus St. is mostly open; you can go down the passageway where I tagged and turn right onto Circus St.; there's a funny little square we cycled around that I hadn't seen before. It's getting there.

  • Trafalgar Lane

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  • Discovered this by accident a couple of Saturdays ago, and was surprised by what an interesting place it was, and how I'd never seen it before.

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  • Clue: the second word on the sign is "Stables".

  • Seems the building on the right + land at the back is up for sale at £850,000. "This rare acquisition is ideal for a developer as there is ample space for multiple properties."

    Unfortunately this mews isn't listed (I don't think) because it "has been much altered over time".

  • Namrik Mews. Went out this morning to grab a photo but it’s a bit blurry. Guys in the background seemed to be having a heated convo so took a photo and shot off. Did feel like I cheated a little as you can see some of the street sign. Unless that was intentional?

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  • I don’t think I’d ever been down these roads between Tesco and the seafront. Really nice around there although it’s def a rich area

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Brighton Bike Tag

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