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  • Stole this idea from the Cambridge thread, but it looked like a fun to encourage people out on their bikes more, and to explore!


    -a picture of someone's bike is posted
    -another person must post a picture of their bike at the same location, and then post a second picture of their bike at a different location
    -if a location goes a week without a reply, the poster must giveaway a strong clue(s) to the location (eg. street name)
    -and so the game continues...

    Clues may be given, but only if the poster deems it necessary.

    I'll start it off nice and easy to (hopefully) get the ball rolling with sincere apologies for the shit camera-phone pic

  • did you ride up bear road on the pavement this afternoon, as i think i saw you

  • ^^embarrassing pavement riding spot. check.

  • tag!

  • ^ man, can't place that. Dukes Mounds (ahem) or close by?

  • loving the concept

  • Flickwg has upped the stakes massively.

    I see your bandstand and I raise you an indiscriminate staircase!

  • I thought it was the massive stair set by dukes mound at first, but that one ends under the covered awning thing that starts at concorde 2. could be anywhere along marine drive though, someone google street view it and try and figure it out :D

  • how about you get on a bike and take a picture, before Brighton bike tag becomes like Brighton polo!

  • Brighton polo is awsome, where have you been!

  • Yeah, what's with everyone slating polo, we're well on it!

  • Although, everyone should still definitely get on their bikes and taking photos!

  • i left my polo bike in london and brought down my road bike, so no polo till someone brings down my bike

  • I'll be on the hunt for this mysterious brighton/bianchi green staircase early in the morning and see what I can come up with for the next one, unless you dare preceed me that is.

  • I was thinking about going out for a midnight bez along the seafront, but too much revision!

  • right that's it, I'm going now, need some fresh air.

  • perfect, try and upload it before the morning so i can go out before uni on the hunt!

  • great so I'll try find some place not near uni then lol...

  • oh i took a photo tonight cedic,
    but it didn't come out.

  • too late Graeme, how's the report writing?

  • well? surely not too hard to guess, but I give you it may a pain in the backside to go! haha.
    You'll be glad when you get there...

  • marina?

  • ;) great day for it...

    I'm stuck at home writing :(

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Brighton Bike Tag

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