Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • There will also be a number on the steerer tube if you take the forks out.

    Its not a Condor, Mercian or Holdsworth, they all have numbers on BB.
    Could be a Viking.

  • It was sold to the vendor as a condor stickers under the clear etc, but that was 15/18years ago and he repainted it green enamel, most likely with a vacuum cleaner! I told him it wasn’t condor, but he was adamant.
    There’s a grease nipple on the top of the bb if that helps? Also it’s bloody light!
    Forks will be getting dropped out at the weekend for a look.

  • Looks like a 50's Gillott, mind you there were loads of builders that used Nervex Lugs with fluted seat stay caps.

  • My Condor has the frame number on the N/S dropout but that's from 1976, so 20 years later.
    Classic lightweights could be your friend for this one:­storation/frame-identification-by-frame-­number/

  • I’ll be honest this is my first proper old bike, other than the pair of upright Pashley/BSA we have, I normally stop at the 1980’s. This jumped out at me though.
    The seat stay caps are more like an arrow head than fluted or is that the same term?
    I’ll drop the forks today (fingers crossed) and see what I find.

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  • Colnago used seatstay caps like that in the 60s.
    He called the frame “Freccia” (arrow) so arrow is a good name.

  • I’ve pulled the fork and the number punched (pretty poorly tbh) is;
    51006 I think. Now to do some more searching.

  • Bit late here but as @midlife says, it’s a 50s frame and definitely British. Can’t quite see the front of the Nervex lugs on the head tube, but they look like they have horns at the centre and not fishtails. That makes it an early 50s build rather than late 50s. It looks like a really nice frame tbh. Lovely thin pencil stays. Only issue is because it’s basically got unmodified Nervex lugs and not ‘fancy cut’ lugs, it makes it difficult to pinpoint the builder. The spearpoint tops on the stays might be the only clue.

    Post it in the pre-50s thread, I’m sure someone in there will be able to shed some more light on it.

  • Can anyone identify these rims please? They are mated to Royce hubs. Light grey in colour. Someone on here said they may be h+sons Archetypes, but from what I've seen, they come with h+son decals on whereas mine don't have any decals.

    Could they indeed by Archetypes without the decals?

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  • Could they indeed by Archetypes without the decals?

    I wiped the writing off of mine with nail polish remover so they could be.

  • Cheers @Jonny69 I’ve post there now as well 🤞

  • Need help identifying this 1960ish track frame? Lugs have a small circle cutout. Bottom bracket is English threaded. Seat clamp lug has bolt opening on non-drive side into a threaded drive side of the lug. The fork crown is a twin plate design. And the bb shell has three slot cutouts.

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  • Hi, that's a great looking frame - has some echoes of a Chas Roberts TT frame I previously owned.

    (Not the original fork)

  • Wow, similar. I'll keep looking. Thanks for sharing!! 🚴🏽👍

  • wthat the hell is this monstrosity

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  • I remember seeing this once, spring loaded between the crank and spider to mimic the feel of Biopace chaings, I think. Possibly somebody has replaced the springs with rigid sleeves to lock out the mechanism.

  • Exactly, kinda wanna try one, here’s a pic with the springs

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  • There's a much easier way to get the feel of biopace chainrings.

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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