Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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  • Not brake bridge but chain stay bridge near the bottom bracket

  • Yes identical rear dropouts as mine with the serial number in the same guess exactly about the MG eyes ..frame builders then used anything to hand.

    Point taken on your interpretation of the serial number.

    Do you know who built your frame?

  • Ok..I am away for a few days but will check on my return....but perhaps the hole is to fasten MGs?

    My frame is a TT MG eyes are guess Zeus was the only dropouts the frame builder had to hand at the time.

  • The chain stay bridge is straight without a hole.

  • I was told the hole in a typically curved but sometimes straight chain stay bridge indicates a Bill Hurlow built frame but also that it’s generally accepted that he stopped building for Condor in 68 so really not sure tbh.

    Have attached an image from a recent BH condor ebay listing.

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  • If you do find out any more information I would be interested to hear it!

  • That is a Superbe...the lugs are curly and ornate...done by Bill Hurlow...and that frame is definitely a BH as it was sold by a friend of mine.

    I doubt mine is by BH....My money is on Tom Board.

  • No1 lug but why didn’t your friend list it as a BH built Condor?
    Always thought the H on chain stay eyes looks very cool.
    Love your Baracchi, are you building it up? Worth posting in the Condor owners thread 👌👌👌👌

  • He didn't know it was a BH Condor until the buyer turned up and told him!

    Thank you....I am in mid January....a modern version of a 1970s TT bike...single chainring...using 10 speed bar end shifter...but not with a dinner plate chainring (bread plate) and 13-30 cassette....I shall do that....much appreciated.

  • I contacted Condor ...Here is their reply:

    Hello Leon,
    Thank you for getting in touch about your Classic Condor Baracchi. Sadly your information is correct as we do not have records going back to this era. All your other information is also spot on, I would suggest that this is probably a Tom Board frame as well, Monty was also dabbling in frame building around this time as well but I doubt he would have built a fillet brazed frame.

  • Don’t need an ID on this one, but has anyone seen this sort of thing before? Some sort of weird collar brazed onto the seat tube.

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  • No.

    That looks like it's been (neatly) put on to try and reinforce/hide a damaged tube.

  • The fella selling this believes it to be a Roberts SLX frame.

    Can any of you see anything obvious to confirm?

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    • cinelli bb.jpg
  • Looks like a nice frame, but powdercoated 😪
    If you're looking to identify, I'd ask for more detail pics of lugs, seatcluster etc.
    But uptil now it's pretty generic looking, albeit a quality frame.

  • Is there rifling in the seat tube and downtube, that would be a sign that it’s SLX or SPX. Or just look down the seat tube.

  • I guess there are no "R" panto anywhere?

  • I've sent the owner the link so he can provide more details if needed.

    The listing on marketplace is here if anybody wants to chase up

    It's at £200 - could be an ok deal. Does look like a very nice frame/geo. Similar to a Dave Russell frame I saw ages ago on here.

  • I don't think so...

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Can you help to identify these frames, bikes or parts?

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